The Control Needed for Every Patient is Here
Singular methods for achieving CRT response are varied, and none are effective 100% of the time. Now, SmartCRT introduces a more systematic, customizable approach to improve CRT response.

Customized Patient Therapy, Maximized Patient Response

A Systematic approach maximizes patient response.

How does SmartCRT Work?

SmartCRT™ is Boston Scientific’s approach to personalize CRT therapy by providing physicians with smart solutions to optimize where, when, and how to pace to obtain CRT Response in most patients.

SmartCRT Infographic
*Assumes: 2.0V RA, LV-only, 2.0V LV, 700Ω, 15% A pacing, 100% LV pacing, No LATITUDE, No Respiratory Rate Sensor, No Heart Failure Sensor Suite.

Peer-to-Peer Perspectives

The following products feature SmartCRT: