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isr portal endoscopy


Investigator Sponsored Research

Areas of Interest

Submissions should not be limited to areas of interest below. All investigator submissions focused around expanding clinical and scientific knowledge and improving understanding of Endoscopy products will be considered:

  • AXIOS™ Stent and Electrocautery Enhanced Delivery System:
    • Clinical/technical success, safety, length of stay, and quality of life for drainage procedures
  • Habib™ EndoHPB Bipolar Radiofrequency Catheter: 
    • Impact on quality of life, survival, prolonged stent patency for malignant indication
  • EXALT™ Model D Single-Use DuodenoscopeGeneration 3: 
    • Endoscopy unit operational efficiencies. 
    • Environmental impact/recycling of single-use scopes
  • MANTIS™ Clip– Clip with anchor prongs,
  • X-Tack™– Through the scope closure system,
  • OverStitch™ Endoscopic Suturing System: 
    • Prophylactic closure of complex and large defects post EMR / ESD. 
    • New techniques for EMR and ESD, including mixed modalities (TTSC and TTSS)
  • SpyGlass™ Discover Digital Catheter: 
    • Clinical/technical success, safety, length of stay, and quality of life for utility in the Pancreaticobiliary system, including the hepatic duct and cystic duct obstruction. 
    • Utility when used percutaneously in Interventional Radiology
  • iNod™ | Ultrasound Guided System: 
    • Clinical/technical success, safety, diagnostic accuracy, and procedure time.
    • Techniques with Robotic Bronchoscopy. 
    • iNod Utility in Single Anesthesia Events
  • Apollo ESG™, Apollo REVISE™, Orbera®: 
    • Endobariatric procedures