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Working to Benefit Patients Around the World

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Life is fragile and changes fast. One moment, you’re going about your normal life. The next, you may need medical intervention to save your life, ease your symptoms or simply find out what’s wrong.

We do this work because it matters. We are inspired by the stories of those who have been helped by our products. And we are driven to serve those who need a breakthrough we’ve not yet invented.
Diagram of a subcutaneous implantable defibrillator
First and only commercially available subcutaneous implantable defibrillator
Animation screenshot of a cardiovascular procedure
60 technologies to treat cardiovascular disease
A vascular physician
Every 16 seconds, a doctor uses one of our products to treat vascular disease and cancer
A physician holding the LithoVue urology device
Every 21 seconds, a patient is treated with one of our urology products
A product shot of the deep brain stimulation device, Vercise Gevia
First deep brain stimulation device with independent current control designed for precise targeting
A photo of a number of Boston Scientific endoscopy products
1,500 endoscopy technologies to help treat 27 patients per minute

Partially paralyzed but less afraid of falling

After a hemorrhagic stroke, Marjorie was paralyzed on her entire right side. As time went on, she faced a difficult choice: go back on blood thinners to address her high risk of stroke or avoid them, because her condition made falls and bleeding more likely. Then our work helped her find a new way forward.

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Losing the tremor, regaining dignity

Peter’s arm tremor from Parkinson’s disease filled his daily life with moments of humiliation. A taxi driver thought he was drunk and refused him service. Tired of spills, he set his plate and silverware on the floor. Then our work helped give him the power to steady his arm and reclaim control of his own story.

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Catching his breath to cheer on his family

For Angel, having severe asthma often felt like he was breathing through a straw while running up flights of stairs. His asthma left him unable to enjoy activities like traveling, mowing the grass or watching his daughter’s soccer games. Then our work helped him catch a second wind so he can participate in more activities with his family.

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A decade of feeling exhausted is over

Carmen often blamed herself for her symptoms and her inability to resolve them. If she was forgetful or gaining weight, she thought it was her fault. When she felt drained or dealt with debilitating menstrual bleeding, she feared the likely treatments would keep her from having kids. Then our work helped give her new energy and a new way to see herself.

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Without the clot, it’s time to go back to gardening

Dave knew something was wrong a month after he broke his foot. His leg had swelled to twice its normal size. It felt stiff like “a petrified log.” He had a blood clot that might require invasive surgery. Then our work offered him a different choice.

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More than treating pain, it’s getting a life back

Kevin wasn’t the same after the car accident. Managing the pain required doctors’ visits, injections and countless pills. He had trouble lifting his child. He and his son moved in with his parents. Then our work offered him a way back to the life he’d had.

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After the heart attack came a coma and a marriage proposal

Danielle went to the store for cold medicine. On the drive home, her heart stopped. She slumped over the wheel and rolled into a stop sign. When she recovered from a medically induced coma, she was determined to avoid another cardiac arrest. Then our work enabled her to feel confident about her life ahead.

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They both wanted to feel normal again

When her husband experienced erectile dysfunction, it was easy for both partners to feel alone. Marilyn struggled to stay patient and objective. She needed to understand the source of the problem. Then our work offered new answers for difficult questions.

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