Man wearing safety goggles and lab coat focuses on a medical device.

Transforming care

When we challenge the status quo, we advance breakthrough ideas to transform lives. 

Our work in health care is about addressing patients’ critical needs, expanding access to care and helping improve outcomes so people can lead longer, better lives.

2021 highlights

Amid significant disruption and uncertainty in a prolonged pandemic, our teams challenged what was possible.

We developed new capabilities and adapted to stay connected with customers who were frequently faced with treating patients in challenging settings. Our people upheld rigorous quality processes, delivered market-leading solutions around the world and collaborated with providers and communities to expand health care access. To increase the impact of our work, we enhanced our digital platforms that support our products and help keep us engaged with physicians and their patients. 

"Since our founding, creating something new that makes a difference in patients’ lives is at the heart of how we innovate.” 

– Randy Schiestl, Vice President, R&D, Global Technology

Our priorities

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Our awards

Boston Scientific is proud to be recognized for our health care innovations that impact patients' lives.

All data as of December 31, 2021.