Imager™ II


Braided torqueable catheter line with a variety of tip designs. The catheters have a high degree of torqueability designed to meet the needs of physicians performing PCNL and ureteroscopy procedures.

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Product Details

Design Features

  • Single lumen, torqueable Imager Catheters are available in five tip configurations and 3 working lengths
  • Biocompatible polymer reinforced with a stainless steel braided wire
  • Luer lock hub attached at the proximal end

Multiple Sizes

  • Offered in 5 Open Tip configurations
  • 5F diameter with 3 working lengths


  • Designed to facilitate access to the urinary tract with various tip designs
  • Can be placed either retrograde or antegrade
  • Provides radiopacity for visualization

Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description O.D. Size Working Length Quantity
400300 M0064003001 C1 5F 65 Box 5
400301 M0064003011 C2 5F 65 Box 5
400302 M0064003021 Straight 5F 65 Box 5
400303 M0064003031 Bern 5F 65 Box 5
400304 M0064003041 JB1 5F 65 Box 5
400402 M0064004021 Straight 5F 100 Box 5
400403 M0064004031 Bern 5F 100 Box 5
400404 M0064004041 JB1 5F 100 Box 5
400503 M0064005031 Bern 5F 40 Box 5


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