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Left Ventricular Pacing / Sensing Leads

The EASYTRAK™ coronary venous leads are intended for use with Boston Scientific’s heart failure devices to provide cardiac resynchronization therapy.

Key Resources

Directions for Use Indications, Safety and Warnings



Product Details

  • Boston Scientific’s goal: Fast and predictable LV lead implants
  • Inject then Select – Inject contrast for a venogram; then select the best EASYTRAK lead for your patient’s anatomy.
  • Electronic Repositioning™ – Bipolar EASYTRAK 2 and EASYTRAK 3 leads provide multiple programming options that enable you to program around extracardiac stimulation or elevated thresholds.
  • The EASYTRAK family of leads have an over-the-wire design and are steroid-eluting distal to each electrode.
  • Combination of polyurethane for abrasion resistance and silicone rubber for flexibility.
  • The EASYTRAK family of leads is designed to provide stability in various anatomies.

EASYTRAK™, EASYTRAK™ 2, and EASYTRAK™ 3 coronary venous pacing/sensing leads


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