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Pain Medicine Partnership Portfolio

Boston Scientific offers programs to support physicians as they reach patients throughout their pain journey. The Partnership Portfolio can be customized to meet physicians’ needs: from connecting with patients and raising awareness on pain treatment options to increasing access to care.

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  • PatientFinder: Access proprietary data analytics to connect with the referring market
  • PainScale: Read robust educational content and take pain assessments
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  • Patient Education Program: Reach existing and potential patients with a program focused on therapy awareness and real patient experiences – request an event to let us know you're interested
  • mySCS app: Maximize patients’ chances for successful therapy with education, tracking, and post-trial report
  • CARE cards
  • Patient Ambassadors
  • Patient Care Team
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  • Pre-Authorization Portal: Submit pre-authorization cases digitally – Over 90% approval rate
  • Health Economics and Access Team: Physicians, ASCs and hospitals can get assistance on billing and coding, reimbursement education and claim reviews
  • Tele-psych Advantage
  • Point Behavioral


Awareness: Digital Marketing Resources

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Help improve patient awareness of the therapies you offer by using images, videos, brochures and more.


Education: Patient Stories

 Patients want to hear from others who have been through a similar experience. See these examples from patient ambassadors.

Karen's Patient Story


Karen's patient story.

"To find a solution to my pain and to be able to live life again like I am and not be stopped by pain I truly feel like is a miracle."
—Karen, SCS Patient


"I’m able to manage my pain effectively so my pain is no longer a header it’s a footnote, and I advocate for people to have access to an integrated and balanced approach to pain management."

—Justin, SCS Patient


Access: Pre-Authorization Support


Need pre-authorization for Spinal Cord Stimulation?

Boston Scientific is pleased to provide an online pre-authorization portal for Spinal Cord Stimulation for more convenient verification and case tracking.

Experienced Team of Reimbursement Managers

At Boston Scientific Reimbursement Managers cover specific regions of the U.S. and are here to provide assistance to all of our provider partners (Physician, ASC and Hospital):

• Reimbursement education
• Billing and coding support
• Claim reviews
• Pre-authorization and claim denial feedback
• Payer coverage
• Field based and geographically focused
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Create Your Partnership Portfolio Plan

Talk to your BSC representative to learn more and develop your partnership plan.