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Chris Maxwell, PhD

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A quick trip down the 2 paths of feedback
You’re seeking feedback from a physician on how efficient the onboarding process was for a new initiative you spearheaded in your cardiovascular service line (CVSL).
“What can I do to make the transition to a new initiative smoother for you in the future?”
The physician responds with a few suggestions. At this point, most people follow one of 2 distinct paths.
When it comes to growing your leadership skills, soliciting feedback is extremely important. While asking, “How am I doing?” may be stressful, it is key to improving the health of your career and your CVSL. Leadership expert Chris Maxwell lays out 4 strategies that will help you get the feedback you need to forge ahead.

Decide what type of feedback you need
Before you begin on your quest for feedback, ask yourself, “What do I need to hear to improve in my role as a CVSL leader?” No matter what you’re looking for—appreciation, overall performance, or general coaching on how to improve—figuring out the best feedback for your future is critical.
Specific questions for specific feedback

2. Ask early-ask often
Don’t wait. The more frequently you seek feedback, the less stressful it will become. And, with more feedback comes the ability to adapt quickly to any change you may need to make.
“One of the ways to be a great manager or leader and understand what you’re doing is to ask others for feedback.”

It’s also beneficial to solicit feedback in real time. Whether after a staff meeting or a presentation to your C-suite, real-time feedback gives you a unique opportunity to hear what a person is thinking while it’s still fresh in their mind. This provides you with a head start on applying those views to your next task.
Quick tip! Perform a 360 review

Constructive feedback is key

Everyone loves a genuine, heartfelt compliment. But, if all you seek is positive feedback and constant praise, how will you know what you need to work on? This is why soliciting honest, constructive feedback is so valuable to your future as well as the future of your CVSL.

Begin by asking clear questions. Let that person know you want them to be truthful with their response as it will help you enhance your skillset sooner. If the responses are vague, dig deeper for specifics. It’s ok to ask questions like,

Can you explain what you mean?

4. Focus on the future
Now that you’ve solicited and received the feedback you need, it’s time to apply it. Pay attention to any trends that you’ve seen across the responses from your staff and/or manager. If one common theme is working on your communication skills, then practice how you can effectively change them while speaking with your coworkers each day.
Practice makes perfect

In summary
The ability to give and receive feedback is a major contributor in finding out how to grow as a CVSL leader. It not only helps you but it shows fellow staff members your level of commitment to the success of your institution. Continuing to solicit feedback can help lead to:

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