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The ACC’s 66th Annual Scientific Session & Expo in Washington, DC, highlighted topics that were highly relevant for CVSL leaders seeking to thrive in today’s transformative healthcare environment. Here is a snapshot of 4 sessions that were particularly notable for the CVForward reader.
1 | Quality Metrics


Rajesh Swaminathan, MD

Why it's relevant to CVSL leaders

Quality metrics impact reimbursement and in many cases have become mandatory. Incorporating quality metrics into your daily practice is essential for the success of your CVSL.

The recap

The session focused on breaking metrics down into 3 domains: structural, process, and outcomes. The session defined these domains and called out limitations to measuring quality in each of them. By breaking them down into different domains, incorporating metrics into daily life becomes more manageable and sustainable. 

Dr. Swaminathan shared some first-hand examples he had rolled out at their institutions. He discussed what worked and what did not—and fielded questions from the audience to further clarify best practices.

Dr. Swaminathan wrapped up by summarizing key criteria that he recommends for choosing quality metrics:

  • Represent a meaningful outcome to patients and society   
  • Be valid, reliable, and readily measured
  • Has the ability to be adjusted for patient variability
  • Be modified through improvements in care process
  • Be practical to measure
The presentation was summed up with a final, important message:

"You can only improve quality if it can be measured."

2 | Cath Lab Leadership


Kirk Garratt, MD, MSc

Why it's relevant to CVSL leaders

Managing leadership in this time of change is a priority—and something that many CV professionals struggle to master.

The recap

Dr. Garratt emphasized a message that many of the speakers touched on: aspire to enjoy your role. Cath lab leadership is a very different job than treating patients. If the challenges of cath lab leadership are not something you enjoy, it may not be the right career choice.

For those moving into a role of cath lab leadership, Mr. Garratt laid out 4 key principles:

4 key principles of CVSL leadership
3 | Cath Lab Safety


Emmanouil S. Brilakis, MD, PhD, FACC, FAHA, FESC, FSCAI

Why it's relevant to CVSL leaders

Safety in the cath lab was a hot topic at ACC. Emerging data has shown an increasing risk of skin lesions, orthopedic illness, cataract, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and cancer. ACC speakers made it clear that CVSL leaders are going to have to address these concerns. Getting ahead of this emerging issue is essential.

The recap

Cath lab hazards fall into 5 key categories: chemical, biological, physical, ergonomic, and psychological. Dr. Brilakis focused on the dangers associated with radiation and laid out a wide range of strategies for mitigating this risk.
Strategies to consider
4 | Advancing Your Career


Evan Ownby, MD; Andrew M. Kates, MD; Cathleen D. Biga, RN; Michael W. Cullen, MD; Edward T. Fry, MD; Robert A. Shor, MD; Marc E. Shelton, MD

Why it's relevant to CVSL leaders

As your career advances, you may want to become a CVSL leader. So what can you do now to put yourself in position when those roles become available?

Some of the top professionals in the field came together to share their advice on this topic.

The recap

The recap: career advice from top professionals in the field
Leadership competence takes more than clinical skills
As CVSL leaders take on the change that is affecting the cath lab, this year’s ACC Annual Scientific Session & Expo had plenty to offer. 

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