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Resolution 360™ Ultra Clip

Longer jaws. More tissue.²
Proven retention

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Capture more tissue with the largest hemostatic clip available today.1

With a 17mm jaw opening, the Resolution 360 ULTRA Clip is the largest through-the-scope hemoclip on the market1 – designed to capture more tissue, to enable effective defect closure and hemostasis, and to meet your clinical needs. For GI procedures that require hemostatic clipping, it all adds up to a strong tool for you and your patients.


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1 Largest refers to aggregate measurements of jaw length, opening width, and volume.
2 As compared to Resolution 360 Clip.
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Capture more tissue with the
Resolution 360 ULTRA Clip

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See the Resolution 360 ULTRA Clip in action.

Dr. Douglas Rex uses the Resolution 360 ULTRA Clip during an Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) closure, performing a zippering technique to tightly close a wide defect.



Dr. Templeton | Gastrogastic fistula closure

Dr. Adam Templeton uses the Resolution 360 ULTRA clip to close a gastrogastic fisutla, demonstrating the importance of tissue capture.



Take control of rectal and GI bleeding with the
Resolution 360 Platform.


Built on the robust and uniquely designed 360 platform, the Resolution 360 ULTRA Clip now offers standard and wide jaw clips designed for better physician control and greater clinical flexibility.



The 32-wire braided catheter empowers physicians to perform 1-to-1 rotation at the scope’s biopsy cap and control clip placement in tortuous anatomy.



The 1-to-1 rotation control knob allows nurses and technicians to provide support during GI procedures.


The secure locking mechanism locks the Resolution 360 ULTRA Clip in place – which may lead to fewer hospital readmissions and repeat procedures3.



The ergonomic handle delivers tactile feedback to confirm tissue purchase before deployment.


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