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Being empowered to define my own path gives my work purpose
Boston Scientific recognizes that individual good health, financial wellness and security are all critical for our employees to achieve their personal best. Boston Scientific offers competitive core benefits, but we also differentiate ourselves by providing flexible options that meet your individual needs. We strive to offer you programs that acknowledge, respect, and support your life and work choices. We’re investing in you.

Our guiding principles

We believe good health, financial wellness and security are all critical to a productive workforce and support an ongoing culture of health. These principles influence our benefit plans across the globe:

Enabling High Performing Talent

As part of a broader rewards portfolio, we offer market-leading benefits, flexible and affordable to meet our colleagues' diverse and unique needs.

Supporting Life Integration

We're creating a culture that acknowledges, respects, and supports everyone's life and work choices.

Promoting Wellbeing

Whether it’s physical, emotional or financial, by promoting employee wellbeing we’ve built an environment where everyone is personally ready to join us in pushing the boundaries of science.

Value and Cultural Fit

We offer benefits that will be valued by our employees, inspired by our culture and supportive of an inclusive work environment.

Global benefits

Life doesn’t begin when you walk through our doors each day. We want to make it easy to find the life / work integration that fits your needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of benefits, when and where you need them. Your benefits may vary based on where in the world you join us.


We’re invested in helping you get – and stay – as healthy as possible. That’s why we offer wellness programs and insurance plans based on your location.


You could save money, protect your income and invest in the future through our financial wellbeing programs.


Managing the demands of work and life can be challenging, so we offer a variety of programs to support you in being the best you can be.

U.S. - Benefits to Fit Your Life

Choosing a career with Boston Scientific is more than just a job. It’s personal. Wherever you are in life, we want to meet you there with the support that allows you to be the best version of yourself. From medical, dental, and vision coverage to life and disability insurance, we provide a solid base of employee benefits. We’ve also begun offering many other solutions to help employees navigate their unique life needs, including:
We offer expanded infertility benefits and maternal and parental leave offerings to provide additional support to those who are expanding their family. We also added innovative benefits including “MilkStork,’’ a breast milk shipping service for traveling moms, and services to provide support finding and paying for child care.
To ease the stress on busy working employees, we offer a financially friendly and time-saving meal planning service, as well as new telehealth services that connect employees remotely, quickly and cost-effectively to health care providers for physical and behavioral health issues wherever they are. With our personal assistant program, employees can get help for everything from car buying to vacation planning.
Financial stability and security are important, so beyond offering an attractive 401(k) plan, a credit union and discounted global employee stock ownership plan, we offer programs such as college planning assistance to not only save for college costs, but help employees and their families navigate the maze of college choices. With legal support services, employees can find support with the complexities of wills, annuities, trusts and more. For those whose family members are furry and four-legged, we offer pet insurance.

These examples provide a glimpse into our US benefits – but our continuous improvement plans support adapting and evolving our offerings across our global footprint.

To learn more about our comprehensive benefits plan and what we offer to fit your life, visit our Benefits Connect website, or download a Benefits at a Glance below.



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These efforts to create a diverse and collaborative environment haven’t gone unnoticed! Our reputation for being a great place to work has won us several awards.
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