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Meet Nina
Clinical Execution Manager, Neuromodulation


What’s the greatest challenge you’ve ever overcome and how has it shaped your career at Boston Scientific?

I’ve learned that a title and how you look do not define who you are and what you can do at this company. I’ve been in a number of different roles at Boston Scientific, and I’ve found myself being turned to as a leader – even though it’s not a definition in my title. As a young, female engineer, this was intimidating at first. I’d walk into a presentation and be asked, “when is the engineer going to arrive?” While initially this got to me, I started to realize that the better job I did, the more influence I had and people would look beyond my title and who they saw in front of them. I have continued to work hard in every role I’ve had and it has afforded me great opportunity within Boston Scientific. Whatever my title may be, I will continue to strive to be better, influence more and impact as many patients as I am able along the way.

Who most helped you get where you are today?

There are a few people who have helped me get to where I am today. The first and most important would be my parents. They always pushed and encouraged me to take on new challenges. They instilled in me that if I worked hard enough, there was nothing I couldn’t do. The other person who helped me get to where I am professionally is my current manager, Julie. I didn’t have any experience in sales or clinical work when I joined her team eight years ago. She saw how my strengths in problem-solving and background in engineering could be an asset in this role. She has also been a huge support and role model throughout my entire career at Boston Scientific.

In what way do you feel you impact our patients most?

In my specific role in our Neuromodulation division, I am fortunate to get to meet face to face with patients on a weekly basis. The reason I joined and have stayed at this company is the daily impact our product has on patient’s lives. It’s an unbelievable feeling to help patients. I love talking with our patients and hearing their stories. It motivates me every day to work closely with our reps to ensure every patient is getting the best pain relief possible.


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