AngioJet™ Ultra

Coronary Thrombectomy System

AngioJet Ultra Thrombectomy System
AngioJet Catheters: SpiroflexTM, SpiroflexTM VG, DistaflexTM, XMITM

The AngioJet Ultra Thrombectomy System is a mechanical thrombectomy device for PCI patients with large thrombus burden, for removal of thrombus in native coronary arteries and saphenous vein bypass grafts. The system is designed to mechanically restore blood flow of patients with thrombosed arteries.

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Assessing the level of thrombus burden and determining the treatment pathway¹

AngioJet mechanical thrombectomy to treat burden

Product Details

Powerful mechanical thrombectomy performance

  • Proven: The leading choice for large thrombus evacuation, utilized in more than 600,000 cases worldwide
  • Versatile: Able to meet your preferences and a broad range of clinical scenarios with a wide range of catheters

Simple set-up

  • Easy 3-step set-up: Preparation, loading and priming are straightforward, even for new users
  • Compact design: The highly portable design enhances ease of integration in the hospital setting

Mechanism of Action

AngioJet uses high pressure saline to create a vacuum at the tip of the catheter to break up and remove thrombus.
Saline jets travel backwards at high speed to create a negative pressure zone (less than -600 mmHg) causing a powerful vacuum effect.
Cross-StreamTM windows optimize the fluid flow for more effective thrombus removal.
Thrombus is drawn into the catheter where it is fragmented by the jets and evacuated from the body.

Your single source for a full offering of thrombectomy solutions

Boston Scientific supplies thrombectomy solutions for every level of thrombus burden2, with proven performance.

Ordering Information

Product Name UPN
FETCH™23 109400-005
SPIROFLEX™ 106553-004
SPIROFLEX™VG 106608-004
DISTAFLEX™ 111304-003