Guidance System II

The AVVIGO Guidance System II offers COMET™ II Pressure Guidewire along with high-definition IVUS using the OPTICROSS™ HD Imaging Catheter, all in a mobile or integrated platform.



Product Overview

AVVIGO Guidance System II is a streamlined multi-modality guidance system platform that features intuitive software for an easy workflow and specialized tools for IVUS and coronary physiology. Advanced software features include DFR, smFFR, Trace Assist™, and LongView™ giving physicians the information to properly diagnose ischemia and personalize treatment to ensure the best outcomes.

AVVIGO Mobile Platform with Tablet

  • Always ready for your patient, this tablet has an easy-to-use touch screen that starts up in an instant

  • Flexible, set-up configurations for every lab

  • Suite of physiology indices: FFR, DFR, and Pd/Pa

  • SmartMinimum automatically removes artifacts to help you quickly identify the true FFR value

AVVIGO Integrated System

  • Smaller footprint, providing more space in the cath lab

  • Able to display images on the boom

OPTICROSS™ HD and OPTICROSS™ 6 HD 60 MHz Coronary Imaging Catheters

  • Precise image with 6 mm depth for small to large vessel assessment

  • Exceptional deliverability with well-balanced engineering design

  • 5F and 6F compatible to assist in more cases

COMET II Pressure Guidewire

  • Zero-to-negligible drift performance via optical technology and an enhanced design

  • Shapeable and atraumatic tip designed with Asahi

  • Free-spinning, quick-release handle

  • Optimized rail support for device delivery

FFR Link

  • Simple bedside mount

  • Compatible with your hemodynamic system

  • Seamless Bluetooth connection with either AVVIGO Guidance System

Advanced Software Features



DFR calculates a diastolic portion of the cardiac cycle at rest. DFR uses a cutoff of 0.89 and is numerically equivalent to iFR. The DFR window uses two criteria: Pd < mean Pa and down-sloping Pa. No ECG signal is required.



smFFR automatically excludes certain artifacts (e.g., flushing, opening AO stopcock or hemostasis valve, pulling out guidewire during recording) to latch to the true FFR value.

Trace Assist™

Trace Assist™ 

An aid to automatically draw lumen and vessel borders.



IVUS LongView provides a user the ability to guide PCI with length measurements and visualization of bifurcations.



AVVIGO Guidance System is for physiology only users. It is an easy to use, tablet based platform that seamlessly integrates with FFR Link and our workhorse COMET II Pressure Guidewire to provide a suite of resting and hyperemic physiology measurement.
Mobile Platform with Tablet



Integrated Platform  


OPTICROSS HD, 6 HD 60 MHz Imaging Catheters  


COMET II Pressure Guidewires



FFR Link



DFR Software



smFFR Software



Trace Assist Software  


LongView Software  



Ordering Information

Description GTIN Ref/Catalog Number


00191506023386 BUN30AVVIGO2MOB
AVVIGO GUID SYS II MOBILE EU (without MDU5+) 00191506015299 H749 009883C 0
AVVIGO GUID SYS II MOBILE EU Refurbished (without MDU5+) 00191506015305 H749 009883CR 0
AVVIGO GUID SYS II INTEGR EU (including MDU5+) 00191506023393 BUN30AVVIGO2INT
AVVIGO GUID SYS II INTEGR EU (without MDU5+) 00191506015329 H749 009883I 0
AVVIGO GUID SYS II INTEGR EU Refurbished (without MDU5+) 00191506015336 H749 009883IR 0
FFR Link 08714729890010 H749 555100 0
MDU5+ Motor Drive 08714729842279 H749 MDU5PLUS 0
COMET II Pressure Guidewire 08714729960164 H749 3935931 0
OPTICROSS HD Imaging Catheter 08714729960751 H749 3935202 0
OPTICROSS 6 HD Imaging Catheter 08714729960799 H749 3935406 0
OPTICROSS Imaging Catheter 08714729841531 H749 51812 0
OPTICROSS 6 Imaging Catheter 08714729904779 H749 518126 0
OPTICROSS 18 08714729904748 H749 393270018 0
OPTICROSS 35 08714729997153 H749 393280135 0
ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Catheter 08714729904373 M004 9910 0
Automatic Pullback Sled 08714729339328 H749 A7020 0
MDU5+ Sterile Bag 08714729842255 H749 MDU5PLUSBAG 0

AVVIGO ExpertCare Service Programs

We have a shared mission—to keep your capital equipment running at the highest level, so you always maintain the highest level of care for your patients. From EssentialCare to EVERCARE, we have two tiers of service tailored to meet your budget and any challenge that comes along.
For technical support, contact your local representative, or the EMEA TECH SUPPORT +31 455 46 77 07



Phone Support Service



Unlimited access to technicians via phone

24/7 phone support during patient procedures

Performance Maintenance



Software updates and bug fixes

Annual preventative maintenance


Repair Services



Unlimited repair visits

Labor and travel coverage

Complete parts coverage

48-hour part shipping

Additional Program Features



Priority designation


Hardware upgrade


Software upgrades


Coverage for up to 5 FFR Links


*Preventative Maintenance included only with AVVIGO Guidance System II, not AVVIGO Guidance System
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Education & Training

Our easily accessible educational platform, EDUCARE, offers you a personalised suite to support your medical education requirements.