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How to IVUS

IVUS 123 Essentials is a guide to simplify IVUS workflow and optimize PCI treatment.

IVUS 123 Essentials

IVUS optimizes PCI outcomes.1  Clinical data consistently shows the benefits of IVUS to determine treatment strategy, guide stent placement, and assess procedural results. We developed IVUS 123 Essentials in partnership with physicians to simplify IVUS workflow and help improve outcomes for patients.

IVUS 123 Essentials with Dr Jeremy Langrish

Dr Jeremy Langrish explains the IVUS 123 methodology for every PCI procedure in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.

What are the problems to be solved?

1. How long is the lesion to safely cover the plaque? 

Illustration showing the sideways angle of a lesion and its length

2. What is the plaque type and does it need modification prior to stenting?

Illustration showing the sideways angle of a lesion and the type of plaque

3. What is the vessel size and what sized stent is required?

Illustration showing the sideways angle of a lesion and the vessel size

Pre-stent workflow

Take these 3 actions to determine treatment strategy.

1. Establish lesion length and define landing zones.

Illustration showing the sideways angle of a lesion and its length

2. Assess plaque morphology.

Illustration showing the sideways angle of a lesion and the amount of plaque

3. Measure the vessel size.

Illustration showing the sideways angle of a lesion and how to gather distal, stenosis and proximal measurements

Post-stent workflow

Ensure the best possible patient outcome by taking these final 3 actions:

1. Check for geographic miss (a) and edge dissection (b).

Graphic showing geographic miss of a lesion, Graphic showing edge dissection of a lesion.

2. Check for malapposition.

Top graphic is a lesion that is apposed and the lower graphic shows a malapposed lesion.

3. Check for optimal stent expansion.

Illustration of a lesion where "a" shows the distal lumen reference, "b" shows the proximal lumen reference, and "c" shows under-expansion.

Other IVUS resources

Physician with glasses performing IVUS

Image interpretation

No guess PCI starts with clear image interpretation.

Learn more

Screenshot of the IVUS Series map in EDUCARE.

Online IVUS education

The EDUCARE online learning platform has a comprehensive suite of PCI training content, including the IVUS Series with interactive educational modules to guide you on your IVUS journey.

Explore the IVUS Series

Example IVUS image.

IVUS 123 in Action

Advance your imaging interpretation skills offline with the downloadable IVUS training toolkit.

Start and download here

1. The SYNTAX II Trial studied the SYNERGY Bioabsorbable Polymer Stent in patients with either CTO or three vessel disease. The SYNTAX I trial studied the TAXUS Express2 drug eluting stent in patients with either Left Main or three vessel disease. Banning, Adrian, MBBS, MD. Clinical outcomes after state-of-the-art percutaneous coronary revascularization in patients with de novo three vessel disease: 5-year results of the SYNTAX II study. ESC Congress 2021.

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