Drug-Coated Balloon

Leave The Right AGENT Behind
The AGENT™ Drug-Coated Balloon (DCB) makes reliable drug transfer more deliverable.  AGENT is unlike other DCBs on the market. It builds on the proven balloon innovation and powerful efficient drug eluting technology by Boston Scientific that you know and trust.

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Reach complex lesions with ease

Make reliable drug transfer more deliverable

AGENT leverages the trusted EMERGE catheter for proven deliverability performance. Its bi-segment inner shaft improves flexibility without compromising push to ease delivery to distal lesions1. Furthermore, its ultra low tip profile is designed for crossability and reduced tip catch1

Deliver the optimal dose when it matters most

AGENT has the most efficient drug transfer technology in the market with the lowest balloon drug dose and best-in-class acute transfer compared to other Drug Eluting Balloons (DEBs)2,3.

Drug Tissue Concentration

Three design features function together to provide reliable drug transfer.

Phase 1: Targeted Transfer
Novel excipient maximizes balloon-to-vessel transfer
Phase 1
Phase 2: Rapid Absorption
Sharp edge lipophilic Ptx enhances tissue absorption
Phase 2
Phase 3: Sustained Retention
Crystaline formulation maintains theraphy through healing process
Phase 3

Product Details

The AGENT Drug-Coated Balloon combines the best of Boston Scientific balloon technologies to offer exceptional deliverability1 with an ultra-low tip profile. Its’ design allows you to navigate and cross complex and distal lesions with unprecedented ease.
AGENT Drug-Coated Balloon details

Product specifications

Excipient​ATBC (Acetyl Tributyl Citrate)​
Drug Dose​2 μg/㎟​
Balloon Platform​EmergeTM
Entry Profile​0.0167 inch​
Crossing Profile​0.91-1.14mm​
Delivery System Effective Length​144cm​
Exchange Length​26cm​
Delivery System Port​Designated for 0.014" (0.36mm) Guidewire​
Nominal Pressure​6 atm​
R.B.P.​14 atm (2.0 – 3.25mm)​
12 atm (3.5mm/4.0mm)​
Guide Catheter Compatibility ​5F
Balloon Folds​3 Wings​
Catheter Shaft O.D.​Proximal 2.6F (≤0.91mm)​
Distal 2.3F (0.78mm)/2.4F (0.82mm)​

Compliance Chart

Balloon size
3.0 (304)​1.86​2.06​2.28​2.53​2.76​3.19​3.66​
4.0 (405)​1.93​2.14​2.37​2.61​2.85​3.30​3.80​
5.0 (507)​1.99​2.20​2.44​2.68​2.93​3.39​3.88​
6.0 (608)​2.03​2.262.502.753.00​3.46​3.96​
7.0 (709)​2.07​2.31​2.55​2.81​3.06​3.52​4.04​
8.0 (811)​2.10​2.34​2.59​2.85​3.11​3.57​4.09​
9.0 (912)​2.13​2.38​2.62​2.88​3.15​3.61​4.14​
10.0 (1013)​2.15​2.40​2.65​2.91​3.18​3.64​4.18​
11.0 (1115)​2.18​2.42​2.67​2.94​3.21​3.68​4.22​
12.0 (1216)​2.19​2.44​2.69​2.96​3.23​3.72​4.25​
13.0 (1317)​2.21​2.46​2.72​2.99​3.26​
14.0 (1419) ​2.23​2.48​2.74​3.023.28​

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