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Modern PCI

Prep the vessel for PCI success

Prepare coronary artery lesion with our Modern PCI tools

Successful patient outcomes need good vessel preparation. In the Modern PCI approach, a solid prep leads to lasting coronary outcomes. View the best-in-class tools to modify calcium, tackle a CTO and achieve optimal luminal gain.

Replay the Modern PCI TNT on breaking the calcium ceiling

ROTAPRO™ Atherectomy System

  • ROTAWIRE Drive has enhanced torque transmission for predictable and precise access in calcified lesions. ​

  • Able to navigate calcified lesions with 1:1 torque through tortuous anatomy providing access for ROTAPRO™​

  • Improved kink and wear resistance which Benjamin Hoton called ‘a huge improvement for the rotablation procedure’


ROTAPRO™ Atherectomy System

  • ROTAPRO increases procedural success in calcified lesions and coronary occlusions¹
  • Treat calcium effectively with proven technology and streamlined design
  • Access harder to reach anatomy in uncrossable lesions
ROTAPRO™ Atherectomy System

WOLVERINE™ Cutting Balloon

  • Maximum versatility for a wide range of lesions.
  • Precise, controlled cutting with improved balloon durability
  • Enables better luminal gain at lower pressure
  • Minimizes vessel trauma
WOLVERINE™ Cutting Balloon
  • EMERGE™ is a pre-dilatation balloon catheter with exceptional deliverability that supports vessels of any size
  • NC EMERGE™ is a PTCA dilatation catheter designed for maximum deliverability and improved performance
  • CROSSBOSS™ Catheter gives you total access to coronary chronic total occlusions via the true lumen or subintimal pathways
  • STINGRAY™ LP CTO Re-Entry System allows the operator to accurately target and smoothly re-enter the true lumen from a subintimal position

Our Modern PCI preparation products

Improve your PCI outcomes by understanding calcium

Calcium is more common than you think and making the proper assessment of coronary arteries is critical to lasting outcomes. Studies show that moderate to severe calcium creates a significantly higher chance of complications like MI, TLR, MACE and death.² Additionally, the presence of calcium can cause complications like target vessel failure, incomplete dilation, inadequate stent expansion, and malapposition.³⁻⁶

Better outcomes start with the right tools. Treat calcium in coronary arteries with our full spectrum of PCI tools.

  • Diagnose with IVUS
  • Address calcium with rotational atherectomy or cutting balloon technology

% of time calcium is identified with angiography alone⁷


% of time treatment plan changes with IVUS⁸          


With Boston Scientific’s suite of Modern PCI tools, you’ll have the best preparation to fight calcium.

Learn more about calcified coronary artery disease treatment and our optimal tools.

Clinical data: Optimal vessel preparation makes an impact on long-term outcomes

When it comes to identifying and treating calcific lesions, using the right tools makes all the difference. The Modern PCI Prep portfolio is supported by clinical data you can trust.

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