Pre-Shaped Guidewire

SAFARI²™ Pre-Shaped TAVI Guidewire
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SAFARI<sup>2</sup>™ Pre-Shaped Guidewire
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Best-In-Class Shape Retention
SAFARI2™ Pre-Shaped Guidewire
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SAFARI2 - Number one TAVI wire in Europe. Enhanced wire predictability with superior shape retention1-2 Streamlined device delivery through optimized rail support3-5 Widest guidewire choice with three curve sizes.


SAFARI2 has earned the #1 position in the highly competitive TAVI European market

Product Advantages

"SAFARI gave us a lot more forgiveness and I think it really protected the patients."


"SAFARI gave us a lot more forgiveness and I think it really protected the patients."

Dr. Meduri, Co-Medical Director, Marcus Heart Valve Center, shares his experiences with SAFARI2


Shaped and Sized for Safety


Three Sizes for Customized Selection

  • Pre-shaped design for predictable, reliable performance across a broad spectrum of transcatheter devices*,†, ‡,§,**
  • Broadest guidewire choice with three curve sizes including the extra small, enabling customized selection based on physician preference 
  • Extra small curve designed for small and/or hypertrophic ventricles 

Designed for Superior Shape Retention

  • The double curve architecture absorbs contractions of the left ventricle and facilitates stable, atraumatic placement 
  • SAFARI2 demonstrates superior curve retention and maintenance of geometry during compression *,†
SAFARI2 Compression Testing

SAFARI2 Guidewire keeps a stable position and curve when subjected to an equivalent compression load simulating the compression in the left ventricle.
SAFARI2 Curve Retention Testing
SAFARI maintains a high percentage of curve geometry after insertion into a pigtail catheter.


Product Specifications

Guidewire Specifications

  • Outer Diameter: 0.035” (0.889 mm)
  • Overall Length: 275 cm
  • Core Material: Stainless Steel
  • Coil Material: Stainless Steel
  • Unique Product Dimensions by Curve Size

Curve Dimensions

 Extra SmallSmallLarge
Height3.2 cm4.2 cm5.0 cm
Width2.9 cm4.2 cm4.9 cm

Ordering Information

Order Number (GTIN)Ref/Catalog NumberDescription

Outer Diameter

(inches) / (mm)

LengthQuantity per Box
08714729887614H749 39406XS 1SAFARI² Guidewire Extra Small Curve(0.035) / (0.889)275 cm5 Pack
08714729887591H749 39406S 1SAFARI² Guidewire Small Curve(0.035) / (0.889)275 cm5 Pack
08714729887577H749 39406L 1SAFARI² Guidewire Large Curve(0.035) / (0.889)275 cm5 Pack
08714729887638H749 39407XS 0SAFARI² Guidewire Extra Small Curve(0.035) / (0.889)275 cm1 Single
08714729887652H749 39407S 0SAFARI² Guidewire Small Curve(0.035) / (0.889)275 cm1 Single
08714729887645H749 39407L 0SAFARI² Guidewire Large Curve(0.035) / (0.889)275 cm1 Single