Boston Scientific is committed to help you improve your patient's quality of life with innovative technologies in the area of diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders, such as high-definition mapping and subcutaneous ICD.

Clarity for All Levels of Complexity

Only the RHYTHMIA HDx Mapping and Navigation System enables true Ultra-High density mapping for every cardiac arrhythmia cases. The signal quality of Boston Scientific's highly customizable EP recording system and high resolution catheters result in unparalleled clarity in your EP Lab.
See how we bring CLARITY to the EP lab.

Heart Failure Diagnostics

HeartLogic empowers you to detect the early worsening signs of your patient’s condition  for a better proactive heart failure care.
HeartLogic™ Heart Failure Diagnostic

HeartLogic™ Heart Failure Diagnostic

Learn more about proactive heart failure care.


SmartCRT is Boston Scientific’s approach to personalise CRT therapy by providing physicians with smart solutions to optimise where, when, and how to pace.


Learn more about our smart solutions, which are proven to last.


Dr. Botto highlights the main benefits of the 3rd generation Subcutaneous ICD: EMBLEM™ MRI S-ICD system.
Dr. Botto

Dr. Botto
St. Anna Hospital, Como, Italy

The Transformative Power of Longevity

Device longevity has direct implications on your patients quality of life and healthcare cost. Extended battery life is likely to reduce device replacements and associated complications, keeping your patients longer out of hospital. And as battery longevity increases, healthcare costs are reduced.1

Boston Scientific’s ICDs and CRT-Ds have up to 80% more usable battery capacity2 than some competitive devices.

In fact, 9 clinical studies show that devices with EnduraLife™ Battery Technology last longer than comparable models.3



A device is only as good as its battery life. Discover more

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