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Zoom in on the body of evidence for the proven Rotational Atherectomy and Cutting Balloon. Get familiar with the selection of the most recent publications on the treatment of calcified lesions.

EMJ Interventional Cardiology - Contemporary Techniques to Treat Coronary Calcification

Learn from the experts about the importance of treating calcium, available contemporary techniques and the role of intravascular imaging to improve procedural success.

The recent article, published in European Medical Journal reveals the topics of optimal use of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), when and how to use techniques such as rotational atherectomy (RA), and how to approach challenging cases such as nodular calcified lesions or bifurcation lesions.

Key points:

  • Intravascular imaging is key to the appropriate use of calcium modification techniques and achieving good stent expansion.
  • Integrating IVUS to the complex PCI workflow improves results and saves both time and contrast medium.
  • Ideally, IVUS should be used pre-, peri-, and post-PCI to select the most appropriate calcium modification tool and assess its effect.
  • RA can facilitate procedural success, enabling the treatment of otherwise uncrossable or undilatable lesions.
  • Most potential complications are predictable and are technique dependent

Download the paper >

COPS: Cutting Balloon to Optimise Pre-dilatation for Stenting

COPS: Cutting Balloon to Optimise Pre-dilatation for Stenting 1-year outcomes, utilizing the WOLVERINE™ Cutting Balloon, are available now! Access the latest data presented at TCT 2022.

This prospective, randomized, multicenter open-label trial, enrolling 100 patients with significant calcified lesions, evaluated at IVUS by an independent corelab, demonstrated WOLVERINE to be a safe and effective option for modifying even severely and moderately calcified lesions.

Access the presentation here >

Clinical Research in Cardiology

Rotational atherectomy of calcified coronary lesions: current practice and insights from two randomized trials

Abdelhakim Allali et al evaluated the technical evolution in RA practice based on a pooled analysis of the ROTAXUS and PREPARE–CALC trials, analyzing the available experience with RA in different patient and lesion subsets and sharing recommendation proposals to improve RA practice.

Review the recent paper published in the March 2022 edition of the Clinical Research of Cardiology journal.

Access the publication now > (opens link on Springer website)



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