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Take an in-depth look at the R&D process. Hear from the engineers who developed WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon.
WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon Dilatation Device
Take an in-depth look at the R&D process. Hear from the engineers who developed WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon.
WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon Dilatation Device

Proven on Calcium.

Effective. Safe. Versatile.

WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon is a versatile, non-compliant balloon:
- Modifies resistant, fibrotic lesions
- Novel mechanism of action
- Recommended to achieve optimal lumen gain at lower pressures.


With calcium, the right tools make a difference

The WOLVERINE advantage

Superior Mechanism of Action3

Atherotomes anchor to calcium and produce controlled, longitudinal fractures.


Atherotome Placement

Enables up to 4 points of contact with calcium, improving the probability of modification with a single balloon.


Focused Force to Amplify Impact

Forces amplified 3x at atherotomes, precisely fracturing calcium at lower balloon inflation pressures.


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Effective: Seeing is believing

With clinically demonstrated efficacy in cases ranging from 0° to 360° calcification4, eccentric calcium has finally met its match with WOLVERINE.
WOLVERINE Product Schematic

Safe: Tough on calcium and safe for healthy tissue

WOLVERINE’s atherotomes anchor into the plaque and amplify pressures to safely fracture calcium at lower pressures. These controlled, microsurgical incisions are no thicker than a strand of hair.
WOLVERINE’s precision: Combined with appropriate balloon sizing, enables better luminal gain at a lower pressure while reducing the risk of barotrauma in resistant lesions.3
WOLVERINE Product Diagram

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Versatile: Maximum impact at lower pressure

Secured atherotomes amplify force in calcium up to 3x1 so lesions can be modified at lower pressures than possible with POBA or scoring balloons

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Product Design and Technical Details

What is a Cutting Balloon?

Coronary cutting balloon is intended for opening coronary arteries in those circumstances where a resistant lesion is encountered and unable to be opened with traditional balloon angioplasty.

 What Makes This Product Unique?

Treating complex lesions with traditional balloon angioplasty can result in complications like vessel dissection, poor luminal gain, lesion recoil, balloon slippage, and poor stent apposition.The unique design of the WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon combines a proprietary atherotome and low pressure balloon design to directly address each of these complications.

WOLVERINE Product Schematic
1. Bumper Tip
2. Atherotomes
3. Z-Glide™ Hydrophilic Coating
4. Midshaft
5. Proximal Marks
6. Hypotube/Corewire Assembly
7. Manifold

WOLVERINE Cutting Balloon is a versatile, non-compliant balloon:

1.  Modifies resistant, fibrotic lesions

2.  Novel mechanism of action

3.  Recommended to achieve optimal lumen gain at lower pressures

WOLVERINE Product Diagram


Ordering Information


Balloon Diameter (mm) 6 mm Blade Length 10 mm Blade Length 15 mm Blade Length
2.00 H749 3940306200 0 H749 3940310200 0 H749 3940315200 0
2.25 H749 3940306225 0 H749 3940310225 0 H749 3940315225 0
2.50 H749 3940306250 0 H749 3940310250 0 H749 3940315250 0
2.75 H749 3940306275 0 H749 3940310275 0 H749 3940315275 0
3.00 H749 3940306300 0 H749 3940310300 0 H749 3940315300 0
3.25 H749 3940306325 0 H749 3940310325 0 H749 3940315325 0
3.50 H749 3940306350 0 H749 3940310350 0 H749 3940315350 0
3.75 H749 3940306375 0 H749 3940310375 0 H749 3940315375 0
4.00 H749 3940306400 0 H749 3940310400 0 H749 3940315400 0


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