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Calcified CAD

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Calcium is more common than you think

In the United States, over 30% of all patients treated for PCI present with some degree of calcium. This represents a 31% increase over the last two decades alone. Patient complexity is increasing; risk factors such as an aging population, renal failure, hypertension, and an increasing prevalance of Type C lesions indicate that calcific lesions will continue to be present.1



Calcium can present complications

A range of complications can arise during a procedure, including: dissection during balloon angioplasty or pre-dilatation2​, difficulty with complete dilation3​, inhibition of adequate stent expansion4​, prevention of stent delivery to the desired location5​, stent under expansion or malapposition6​, insufficient drug penetration and subsequent restenosis7​.

Incomplete dilation
Inadequate stent expansion
Stent malapposition



Calcium is a predictor of worse outcomes

Optimal treatment is necessary to improve long-term patient outcomes.

Moderate to severe calcium creates a significantly higher chance of complications like MI, TLR, MACE and death.8

Target vessel failure is higher in cases with severe calcification. At two years, TVF was 16.4% for those with severe calcification vs. 9.8% than those without severe calcification.9



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