Atherectomy Systems

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  • ROTAPRO™ Rotational Atherectomy

    The standard in Rotational Atherectomy. The ROTAPRO™ System provides an excellent option for treating calcified lesions, with a complete family of products.

    1. Interventional Cardiology
  • Jetstream™ Atherectomy System

    Jetstream™ is a rotational atherectomy system. It is engineered to predictably treat real-world lesions. Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease display a wide range of lesion characteristics such as: long, diffuse disease and chronic total occlusions (CTO) – which often include mixed morphologies like calcium, plaque and thrombus.
    ​Jetstream is the only atherectomy device designed​ to treat it all.

    1. Interventional Cardiology
    2. Vascular Surgery
    3. Interventional Radiology