Sentai Guidewires
SENTAI Guidewires

Our line of SENTAI guidewires is designed with our customers’ most important performance requirements in mind; to provide physicians with the tools to successfully treat the simplest to most complex patients.


SENTAI Guidewires

Boston Scientific collaborated closely with Japan-based FMD Co., Ltd. (Future Medical Design) in the development of its new line of SENTAI coronary guidewires.  FMD is a leading design and manufacturing firm for interventional guidewire technology, and the exclusive global supplier of the SENTAI family of wires, which includes 3 frontline workhorse wires (SAMURAI™, SAMURAI RC, AND MARVEL™), 6 specialty crossing wires (FIGHTER™, JUDO™ 1, JUDO™ 3, JUDO™ 6, HORNET™ 10, and HORNET™ 14) and 1 extension wire (STRETCH™).
SENTAI - Guidewire Selection
To safely navigate even the most challenging anatomy and access hard-to-reach lesions.
To enable you to cross, and ultimately treat, even the most challenging and resistant lesions.
To enable treatment of multi-vessel cases with one wire, saving the time and expense of using additional wires.
Rail Support
For successful device delivery without the need for buddy wires or wire exchanges.

Physician testimonial

Dr. Miroslaw Ferenc, University Heart Center Freiburg Bad Krozingen, is using SAMURAI Workhorse wire for its trackability and pushability in complex lesions.

Ordering Information

Workhorse Wires

Product Material Description UPN GTIN
SAMURAI Guidewire SAMURAI Guidewire 190 cm (5PK) H749393021902 08714729881216
SAMURAI Guidewire 300 cm (5PK) H749393023002 08714729881230
SAMURAI Guidewire 190 cm J-tip (5PK) H74939302190J2 08714729881223
SAMURAI Guidewire 300 cm J-tip (5PK) H74939302300J2 08714729881209
SAMURAI RC Guidewire SAMURAI RC Guidewire 190 cm  (5PK) H749393061902 08714729886679
SAMURAI RC Guidewire 300 cm (5PK) H749393063002 08714729886686
MARVEL Guidewire MARVEL Guidewire 190 cm (5PK) H749393011902 08714729881179
MARVEL Guidewire 300 cm (5PK) H749393013002 08714729881193
MARVEL Guidewire 190 cm J-tip (5PK) H74939301190J2 08714729881186
MARVEL Guidewire 300 cm J-tip (5PK) H74939301300J2 08714729881247

Specialty Crossing Wires

Product Material Description UPN GTIN
FIGHTER Guidewire FIGHTER Guidewire 190 cm (5PK) H749393031902 08714729886617
FIGHTER Guidewire 300 cm (5PK) H749393033002 08714729886624
JUDO 1 Guidewire JUDO 1 Guidewire 190 cm H749394151902 08714729975038
JUDO 1 Guidewire 300 cm H749394153002 08714729975052
JUDO 3 Guidewire JUDO 3 Guidewire 190 cm H749393771902 08714729974956
JUDO 3 Guidewire 300 cm H749393773002 08714729974970
JUDO 6 Guidewire JUDO 6 Guidewire 190 cm H749393781902 08714729974994
JUDO 6 Guidewire 300 cm H749393783002 08714729975014
HORNET 10 Guidewire HORNET Guidewire 10 190 cm H749393041902 08714729886631
HORNET Guidewire 10 300 cm H749393043002 08714729886648
HORNET 14 Guidewire HORNET Guidewire 14 190 cm H749393071902 08714729886693
HORNET Guidewire 14 300 cm H749393073002 08714729886709