Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

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Introducing SYNERGY XD
FIRST and ONLY 48 mm DES in the U.S.
The first DES indicated for use in High Bleeding Risk patients*
synchronous drug elution and polymer absorption
Introducing SYNERGY XD
The SYNERGY XD BP Stent features an innovative delivery system for Xtra Deliverability.
Size matrix includes the FIRST and ONLY 48 mm DES in the U.S.
The first DES indicated for use in High Bleeding Risk patients*
Unlike permanent polymer DES technology, the SYNERGY XD BP Stent features synchronous drug elution and polymer absorption for optimal healing.

Know You'll Get There

Xtra Deliverability. Optimal Healing.

Introducing the next generation SYNERGY Bioabsorbable Polymer (BP) Stent. The SYNERGY XD Stent System is equipped with a delivery system designed to make optimal healing even more deliverable.



Xtra Deliverability


Despite continuous improvement in DES deliverability, physicians surveyed in Europe and across the globe continue to see room for improvement in current-gen DES, especially in more complex cases.1

The following measures of deliverability were highlighted, leading to design enhancements for SYNERGY XD.

Innovative Delivery System for Xtra Deliverability

The SYNERGY XD BP Stent System combines added trackability and pushability with a low-profile stent platform to enable better navigation of challenging anatomy.

Xtra Deliverability


Proven 48mm for treatment of long lesions


Synergy XD 48mm Stent Design

Platinum Chromuium Platform

Platinum Chromium Platform

  • 74-81 µm strut thickness
  • Increasing Visibility
  • Increasing Flexibility
  • Increasing Conformability
  • Decreasing Recoil


  • 3-month release time
  • 100 µg/cm2
Bioabsorbable Polymer Coating

Bioabsorbable Polymer Coating

  • Abluminal Only
  • Ultrathin PLGA - 4 µm thick
  • < 4-month absorption time

Proven Outcomes for Patients

2-year results from the EVOLVE 48 Trial support the safety and effectiveness of the SYNERGY XD 48 mm BP Stent for the treatment of long lesions§2

Quality Outcomes for Patients, SYNERGY XD product shot

Studying DAPT

DES intentionally designed for Early and Optimal Healing

The SYNERGY BP Stent can be safely used in conjunction with shortened DAPT in patients at high risk for bleeding (HBR), based on the results from the EVOLVE Short DAPT Trial3. This trial data in conjunction with the HBR indication, provides important evidence to inform decisions about DAPT duration for this patient subset.


Optimal Healing

Fast Absorbing Bioabsorbable Polymer Advantage

Unlike permanent polymer DES technology, the SYNERGY XD Bioabsorbable Polymer is gone shortly after the drug is completely eluted.4


Ordering Information


Stent Length (mm)

ø (mm) 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 38 48 Expansion
2.25  H7493941708220 H7493941712220 H7493941716220 H7493941720220 H7493941724220 H7493941728220 H7493941732220 H7493941738220   3,5
2.50  H7493941708250 H7493941712250 H7493941716250 H7493941720250 H7493941724250 H7493941728250 H7493941732250 H7493941738250 H7493941748250 3,5
2,75 H7493941708270 H7493941712270 H7493941716270 H7493941720270 H7493941724270 H7493941728270 H7493941732270 H7493941738270 H7493941748270 3,5
3 H7493941708300 H7493941712300 H7493941716300 H7493941720300 H7493941724300 H7493941728300 H7493941732300 H7493941738300 H7493941748300 4,25
3,5 H7493941708350 H7493941712350 H7493941716350 H7493941720350 H7493941724350 H7493941728350 H7493941732350 H7493941738350 H7493941748350 4,25
4 H7493941708400 H7493941712400 H7493941716400 H7493941720400 H7493941724400 H7493941728400 H7493941732400 H7493941738400 H7493941748400 5,75
4,5   H7493941712450 H7493941716450 H7493941720450 H7493941724450 H7493941728450 H7493941732450     5,75
5   H7493941712500 H7493941716500 H7493941720500 H7493941724500 H7493941728500 H7493941732500     5,75


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Xtra Deliverability

Xtra Deliverability

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Optimal Healing

Optimal Healing

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