Guidance System II

The AVVIGO Guidance System II offers high-definition IVUS using the OPTICROSS peripheral imaging catheters, all in a mobile or integrated platform.

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Product Overview

AVVIGO Guidance System II is a streamlined multi-modality guidance system platform that features intuitive software for an easy workflow and specialized tools for IVUS. Advanced software features give physicians the information to properly diagnose vessel disease and personalize treatment to ensure the best outcomes.

AVVIGO Mobile Platform with Tablet

  • Always ready for your patient, this tablet has an easy-to-use touch screen that starts up in an instant

  • Flexible, set-up configurations for every lab


AVVIGO Integrated System

  • Smaller footprint, providing more space in the cath lab

  • Able to display images on the boom

Opticross Peripheral Imaging Catheters.
Opticross 18 & Opticross 35

  • Exclusive rotating transducer within the catheter body to provide a true 360 degree image

  • A new range of flexibility to navigate straight, tortuous and angled vessels


Advanced Software Features

Trace Assist™

Trace Assist™ 

An aid to automatically draw lumen and vessel borders.


Zoom and Rotate

AVVIGO II provide the user the ability to zoom in and out while taking measurements. Additionally, the image can also be rotated clockwise or anti clockwise so you can align to the anatomical structure, if required.


Ordering Information

DescriptionGTINRef/Catalog Number

AVVIGO™ Guidance System II Mobile Cart System

AVVIGO Guidance System II Integrated System00191506023393BUN30AVVIGO2INT
AVVIGO Guidance System08714729996538H749 009761 0
OPTICROSS 18 Imaging Catheter08714729904266H749 393280018 0
OPTICROSS 35 Imaging Catheter08714729984542H749 393280035 0
Automatic Pulback Sled08714729339328H749 A7020 0
MDU5+ Motor Drive08714729842279 H749 MDU5PLUS 0
MDU5+ Sterile Bag08714729842255H749 MDU5PLUSBAG 0

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