Mach 1™

Guide Catheter


Mach1 offers active back-up support, precise handling, easy device passage and reduce friction¹.

Mach1 optimal shaft performance offers precise handling. Its tailored construction optimized device delivery options and clinical versatility.


Product Details

Precision Handling

  • Excellent torque characteristics and tip steerabilityoffer precise manoeuvering of the guide
  • Improved shaft and tip visibility1 for accurate guide positioning
  • New braid technology improves kink resistance1 and may help reduce procedure time and maximize patient comfort

Back-Up Support

  • Unique braiding technology combined with proprietary polymer for improved curve retention1 allows catheter to stay engaged - even during long procedures
  • Flexible distal shaft allows catheter to be manoeuvered for active back-up support

Device Passage

  • Smooth PTFE inner liner combined with large lumens facilitates device passage and reduces friction
  • Polymer-embedded wire braid offers smooth inner and outer surfaces

Atraumatic Engagement

  • Soft distal tip material for gentle engagement of the guide
  • Improved radiopacity1 for easy to see guide catheter tip

Design and Performance Dynamics

  • Softer shaft guide catheter
  • Available in 6F2 (ID: 0.070” / 1.7 mm), 7F2 (ID: 0.081” / 2.0 mm) and 8F2
     (ID: 0.091” / 2.3 mm) sizes
  • Large lumens and improved shaft characteristics offer precision handling, active back-up support, easy device passage and reduced friction1
  • Atraumatic, radiopaque tip