Steerable Ureteral Stent

The steerable stent positioner that puts you in control. Precisely advance, turn and position your Boston Scientific Percuflex™ Plus, Contour™ or Contour VL™ Stent up the ureter and into place.

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Product Details

Design Features

  • Ergonomic handle with quick-release locking mechanism
  • Ability to retract the stent if placed too far up the ureter
  • Ability to rotate the stent for accurate formation of renal coil
  • Ability to position the bladder coil correctly
  • Fast placement and quick, one-handed release of the stent


  • Tapered tip allows easy connection between positioner and stent
  • Radiopaque marker for improved visualization
  • Positioner attaches securely to the stent

Multiple Sizes

  • Percuflex Plus 4.8F – 8F with lengths ranging from 20cm – 28cm
  • Contour 6F – 8F with lengths ranging from 20cm – 28cm
  • Contour VL 4.8F – 7F with lengths of 22 – 30cm

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.

Ordering Information

SureDrive Steerable Stent with Percuflex™ Plus

Order Number Stent Size*
M0061457410 4.8F x 20cm
M0061457420 4.8F x 22cm
M0061457430 4.8F x 24cm
M0061457440 4.8F x 26cm
M0061457450 4.8F x 28cm
M0061457460 6F x 20cm
M0061457470 6F x 22cm
M0061457480 6F x 24cm
M0061457490 6F x 26cm
M0061457500 6F x 28cm
M0061458500 7F x 20cm
M0061458510 7F x 22cm
M0061458520 7F x 24cm
M0061458530 7F x 26cm
M0061458540 7F x 28cm
M0061458550 8F x 22cm
M0061458560 8F x 24cm
M0061458570 8F x 26cm
M0061458580 8F x 28cm

SureDrive Steerable Stent with Contour™

Order Number Stent Size*
M0061458590 6F x 20cm
M0061458600 6F x 22cm
M0061458610 6F x 24cm
M0061458620 6F x 26cm
M0061458630 6F x 28cm
M0061458640 7F x 20cm
M0061458650 7F x 22cm
M0061458660 7F x 24cm
M0061458670 7F x 26cm
M0061458680 7F x 28cm
M0061458690 8F x 22cm
M0061458700 8F x 24cm
M0061458710 8F x 26cm
M0061458720 8F x 28cm

SureDrive Steerable Stent with Contour VL™

Order Number Stent Size*
M0061458730 4.8F x 22-30cm
M0061458740 6F x 22-30cm
M0061458750 7F x 22-30cm
* French size x length between pigtails