Steerable Ureteral Stent

The steerable stent positioner that puts you in control. It gives you the power to advance, turn and position your Boston Scientific Percuflex Plus, Contour or Contour VL Stent up the ureter and into place.

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Product Details

Design Features

  • Ergonomic handle with quick-release locking mechanism
  • Ability to retract the stent if placed too far up the ureter
  • Ability to rotate the stent, enabling renal coil formation
  • Ability to position the bladder coil as desired
  • Quick placement and one-handed system for simple release of the stent


  • Tapered tip facilitates the connection between positioner and stent
  • Radiopaque marker for visualization under fluoroscopy
  • Positioner attaches securely to the stent

Multiple Sizes

  • Percuflex Plus 4.8F – 8F with lengths ranging from 20cm – 28cm
  • Contour 6F – 8F with lengths ranging from 20cm – 28cm
  • Contour VL 4.8F – 7F with lengths of 22 – 30cm

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.

Ordering Information

SureDrive Steerable Stent with Percuflex™ Plus

Order NumberStent Size*
M00614574104.8F x 20cm
M00614574204.8F x 22cm
M00614574304.8F x 24cm
M00614574404.8F x 26cm
M00614574504.8F x 28cm
M00614574606F x 20cm
M00614574706F x 22cm
M00614574806F x 24cm
M00614574906F x 26cm
M00614575006F x 28cm
M00614585007F x 20cm
M00614585107F x 22cm
M00614585207F x 24cm
M00614585307F x 26cm
M00614585407F x 28cm
M00614585508F x 22cm
M00614585608F x 24cm
M00614585708F x 26cm
M00614585808F x 28cm

SureDrive Steerable Stent with Contour™

Order NumberStent Size*
M00614585906F x 20cm
M00614586006F x 22cm
M00614586106F x 24cm
M00614586206F x 26cm
M00614586306F x 28cm
M00614586407F x 20cm
M00614586507F x 22cm
M00614586607F x 24cm
M00614586707F x 26cm
M00614586807F x 28cm
M00614586908F x 22cm
M00614587008F x 24cm
M00614587108F x 26cm
M00614587208F x 28cm

SureDrive Steerable Stent with Contour VL™

Order NumberStent Size*
M00614587304.8F x 22-30cm
M00614587406F x 22-30cm
M00614587507F x 22-30cm
* French size x length between pigtails