PTCA Dilatation Catheter

Convey Guiding Catheter

ACCESS, SUPPORT, DELIVER. The Convey Guiding Catheter offers excellent back-up support¹ and a large inner lumen. Its hydrophilic coating provides optimal access in transradial and complex cases.


Product Details

ACCESS: Hydrophilic coated segement

Lowers friction during catherter advancement
Higher lubricity designed to reduce vessel spasm

SUPPORT: Exceptional back-up

Designed for excellent shape retention during prolonged procedure times
Uncoated distal segment designed to provide optimal contralateral wall support

DELIVER: Tailored to outdeliver

Large I.D.: 0,071'' (1.80mm) for 6F (2.00 mm) Convey
Robust shape portfolio to address anatomy variations

Product Specifications

Coating applied only where needed

  • Uncoated distal 7 cm segment provides meaningful feedback to help prevent unintentional deep intubation
  • Uncoated proximal 25 cm segment to provide for controlled manipulation
References Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
5F² Convey 1.47 mm (0.058'') 1.76 mm (0.069'')
6F² Convey 1.80 mm (0.071'') 2.08 mm (0.082'')
7F² Convey 2.08 mm (0.082'') 2.37 mm (0.094'')
8F² Convey 2.31 mm (0.091'') 2.68 mm (0.106'')