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Tissue Regeneration Matrix

Repliform Tissue Regeneration Matrix is a human dermal allograft that undergoes proprietary processing to allow the residual components to remain in their natural state. Therefore, it is recognized as human tissue, revascularizing, remodeling and transitioning into host tissue.

Boston Scientific distributes Repliform Tissue Regeneration Matrix on behalf of LifeCell Corp.

Key Resources

Indications, Safety and Warnings



Product Details

Excellent Handling Properties

  • Retains tensile characteristics to facilitate excellent handling for intraoperative manipulation, sizing, shaping and suturing; requires no change in procedures.

Host-Response Regeneration

  • Non-cross-linked, acellular human dermal graft
  • Aseptically processed to ensure intact matrix

High-Quality Standards

  • Screened according to the American Association of Tissue Banks guidelines to ensure clinical safety


  • Refrigerate upon receipt between 1 - 10o C (34 - 50o F)

Ordering Information

Order Number UPN GTIN Description Size (cm) Quantity
820240 M0068202400 08714729268970 Tissue Regeneration Matrix 2 x 4 Each
820241 M0068202410 08714729268987 Tissue Regeneration Matrix 2 x 7 Each
820242 M0068202420 08714729268994 Tissue Regeneration Matrix 3 x 7 Each
820243 M0068202430 08714729269007 Tissue Regeneration Matrix 4 x 7 Each
820244 M0068202440 08714729230568 Tissue Regeneration Matrix 2 x 12 Each
820245 M0068202450 08714729230575 Tissue Regeneration Matrix 5 x 10 Each
820246 M0068202460 08714729270366 Tissue Regeneration Matrix 6 x 12 Each