Max Biopsy Forceps

SpyBite Max in Scope image
Close-up of SpyBite Max forceps
Endoscopic Image- (placement detailed under Physician and Patient Recourses)
SpyGlass™ DS II Direct Visualization System with SpyBite Max Biopsy Forceps accessory.
Front and side serrated teeth profile and two elongated fenestration holes.
Tangential approach to tissue acquisition for biopsy with SpyBite Max.

A design enhancement to the legacy, SpyBite Max Biopsy Forceps has been shown to acquire more than 2X tissue in an average bite*.

Performing biopsies under direct visualization using the SpyGlass™ System and SpyBite Biopsy Forceps (86% sensitivity) enables faster, more accurate diagnosis of malignancies ¹ .



Product Details

Quality Histology Sample

97% Tissue Acquisition Rate*

Higher tissue acquisition rate can enable more efficient procedures

Poor Histology Sample

89% of Physicians*

Stated SpyBite Max acquired more tissue on an average bite than SpyBite

Poor Histology Sample

88% of Physicians*

Were more confident in their ability to acquire tissue from challenging scope positions


Ordering Information

SpyBite™ Max Biopsy Forceps 
Order Number Product Description Cable Diameter (in/mm) Jaw Outer Diameter (mm) Working Length (cm) Required Endoscope Working Channel (mm)
M00546470 SpyBite™ Max Biopsy Forceps 

0.039 / 1.0

1.0 286 1.2



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