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From purchase to delivery, let Boston Scientific’s customer service help streamline ordering through its e-commerce solutions.

Next-generation Order Management with eOrder Web Portal

Customers who do not have electronic data interchange (EDI) materials management systems can enjoy many of the same benefits of electronic ordering that hospitals with substantial enterprise IT system capabilities afford, thanks to eOrder, Boston Scientific’s online purchasing portal.

These benefits include electronic order confirmations, ship notifications, purchase-order template management for frequently ordered items, online transaction histories and around-the-clock order placement. 

Introduced in 2009 for U.S. customers and driven by customer interest in going paperless, eOrder has grown steadily, according to eCommerce Team Supervisor John Davidian. Some customers, after trying it a few times, become loyal “diehards” who won’t go back to ordering via paper, faxes and phone calls.

In addition, ecommerce systems like eOrder are one way to practice Lean management principles – a currently popular idea among materials management professionals looking to pare down processes so they take up minimum organizational bandwidth. “It can be a significant gain in efficiency,” Davidian says.

But is it for me?

What type of customer is best suited to giving eOrder a try?

  • You are open-minded to a new system and are ready for a change from paper-based routines.
  • You do not have an EDI system, yet you want its convenience as well as its automatically updated online data trail.
  • Reducing the time spent printing, faxing and confirming orders, as well as talking on the phone with customer service, are priorities for your organization.

Experienced eOrder users can populate templates and place orders in seconds. “They’re buying products straight out of their item master; it’s not really a shopping scenario,” Davidian notes. “We want to provide customers with what they want and nothing more, because the bells and whistles can be distracting. It’s a very streamlined experience.”

Other features of eOrder include the capability for multiple users to access the site simultaneously; access to online catalogs; UPS™ and FedEx™ package tracking links embedded in email shipping notices; and no additional fees for registering for or using the system. Customers who try eOrder and decide it is not for them can simply go back to traditional fax, paper or phone methods.

Electronic Ordering, Same Customer Service

eOrder makes the procurement process more efficient and automated, yet it features the same rigorous standards of customer service that all Boston Scientific customers receive, regardless of order method. These standards drive the call center, including a system that gets callers on the line with a person within eight seconds of answering.

“Our goal is to deliver a positive experience every time a customer contacts Boston Scientific Customer Service. We are proud of our answer and accuracy rates, and the industry recognition we’ve received as a result,” says Andrew Coughlin, manager of the eCommerce and Call Center departments.

Recognition includes awards from J.D. Power and Associates and Omega NorthFace, “Additionally, services such as eOrder enable us to give our customers options and the services that help them improve how they do business,” he adds.

Order accuracy is also a focus; the customer service team doesn’t just check its own work, but the customer’s, too. The ecommerce team added an analytics system to detect orders that aren’t consistent with a customer’s previous patterns. When those are flagged, it trips a quick callback to confirm the customer meant to order those items and correct any problems.

Boston Scientific saved 30,000 line items of errant shipments in 2014, which saved customers aggravation in the form of wasted time and materials as well as return shipping and restocking costs.

Order Products Online

eOrder is an online ordering website offered by Boston Scientific to order  products.

Learn about eOrder – Boston Scientific’s online ordering website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I benefit from using eOrder?

A: With online ordering, customers can expect the following features:

  • Email confirmations and shipment notifications with tracking links*
  • Purchase order template management designed for easy re-ordering
  • Comprehensive order management tool for order status updates
  • Multiple user access with no limit to number of registered buyers per facility**
  • Free Registration and no additional fees**

* Automatic unless user requests suspension of feature
** Subject to change with prior notice

Q: How can I register for eOrder?

A: eOrder is for Boston Scientific customers only. Provide your account information, and within five to seven days you will receive registration confirmation.

Q: What system requirements are needed for eOrder?

A: A Web browser such as Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and an Internet connection.

Q: Where can I get more information on eOrder?

A: More information can be obtained by contacting:
Boston Scientific eCommerce Department

Customers can benefit from:

  • eMail confirmations
  • Shipment notifications with tracking links
  • Purchase order template management to simplify reordering
  • And more

Contact Customer Service Product Support
(888) 272-1001
Monday-Friday 8:30am - 9:30pm Eastern

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