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Upsylon™ Y-Mesh

and Colpassist™ Vaginal Positioning Device

Upsylon Y-Mesh beauty shot.
Upsylon mesh visual.
Close up view of mesh.
Colpassist Vaginal Positioning Device.
Designed to deliver low density, high durability and exceptional handling
Blue color - designed to provide enhanced visualization of mesh against tissue
Large pores - for ease of suture passing and visibility
Colpassist Vaginal Positioning Device - specifically designed for vaginal positioning in gynecologic procedures and as a suturing platform for vaginal wall fixation during sacrocolpopexy.

Designed to offer a balance of low density and high durability which facilitates mesh positioning and placement while offering resistance to tearing and providing support needed for anatomical defects.

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Product Details

  • Designed for Durability: Mesh characteristics designed to provide stability for positioning and fixation.
  • Dynamic Design: Mesh properties designed to match physiologic characteristics of the vaginal wall.
  • Exceptional Handling: Handling characteristics designed to facilitate positioning, placement and fixation.
Upsylon Y-Mesh features graphic, displaying thickness, shape, strength and color.

Colpassist Vaginal Positioning Device

The Colpassist Vaginal Positioning Device is the first device specifically designed for vaginal positioning in gynecologic procedures and as a suturing platform for vaginal wall fixation during sacrocolpopexy.

  • Two size end options create a flat suturing surface
  • Multi-direction vaginal manipulation during dissection and mesh placement

Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNGTINDescriptionQuantity
831820M006831820008714729839217Upsylon Y-MeshEach
08714729848097Colpassist Vaginal Positioning DeviceEach
831222M006831822008714729848103Upsylon Y-Mesh and Colpassist Vaginal Positioning Device KitEach




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