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Are you confident that your program is properly reimbursed for the care you give?

Your service line’s financial health depends on the accuracy of its charge capture and reimbursement. But errors impact your bottom line, and can lead to unclaimed funds, denied claims, expensive rework, staffing overhead, and audits.

What is iRCODER?

What is iRCODER™?

iRCODER™ is a cloud-based solution that uses Medicare-compliant artificial intelligence to take the guesswork out of procedure charge capture across all cardio- and endovascular procedures driving efficiency, reducing errors, and minimizing rework.

It works at the point of procedure via any web-connected computer, so your healthcare team can quickly and accurately capture and code procedures in under 3 minutes, ensuring appropriate revenue capture without adding workload. iRCODER increases the capacity of your current staff and speeds up your payment cycle.


Billing Challenges

33% National Average Coding Error Rate
National average coding error rate found in CMS RAC audits3


$25 Average cost to rework one claim
Average cost to rework one claim4


33% National Average Coding Error Rate
billion combined under-payments by
Medicare and Medicaid in 20175



Improved Claim and Reimbursement Accuracy

Nothing complicates reimbursement like coding errors and coding across interventional service lines is the most complex.

  • iRCODER™ takes the guesswork out of coding and allows your staff to easily capture all procedure charges at the point of service.
  • Automatically performs a charge master review to correctly output each department's unique charge codes, CPT codes, and applicable modifiers.
  • Stays compliant 24/7 with automatic updates to incorporate the latest payor guidelines and rules.



Streamlined Workflows for Your Staff

In 3 minutes or less your staff can code and charge procedures using iRCODER™ across all cardio- and endovascular procedures by simply selecting answers to clinical questions. The software’s proprietary intelligent mapping algorithms ensure all selections are compliant with payor rules and guidelines.

  • Directly interfaces with EMR and is HIPAA compliant with encryption technology that protects the transmission of patient related information.
  • Offers same-day billing for hospitals and physicians.
  • Accessible via any computer with internet access. 
  • Codes a complete case in just 3 minutes and 7 easy steps. 



Mitigated Risk of Audit

Protect your Service Line