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Altering Clinical Care with Cholangioscopy

Direct visualization during an ERCP may result in a faster more definitive diagnosis of pancreatic and biliary cancers.1,3 When used in conjunction with laser or EHL, cholangloscopy efficiently treats biliary stones potentially reducing the need for reintervention.1,3

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The SpyGlass Retrieval Basket can be used as an additional stone management solution to capture and remove residual biliary and pancreatic stones, as well as stone fragments visualized with the SpyGlass DS System.


Meaningful Innovation

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In a prospective, multi-national study of 289 patients, cholangioscopy using the SpyGlass Technology was reported to have altered diagnosis or influenced patient management in 85% of patients.2
Images of benign and malignant conditions in the biliary and pancreatic ducts

Cholangioscopy Image Reference Guide

Learn more about the characteristics of various biliary and pancreatic diseases and conditions using the SpyGlass™ DS System, from views of normal ducts to benign and malignant conditions. You can also submit your own procedural images for consideration.


Driving Efficiency

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Recent studies demonstrate cholangioscopy may enable faster, more definitive diagnosis in cancers, such as cholangiocarcinoma, by allowing clinicians to obtain biopsies of tissue under direct visualization, improving sensitivity and diagnostic yield*, and may reduce the need for more invasive and costly procedures.1,3

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