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image showing that colon cancer is 2nd leading cause of cancer death in U.S., If detected early, there is a 90% survival rate. Black men and women have a 45% higher chance of dying from the disease.

Screening May Prevent Colorectal Cancer

A colonoscopy is considered to be the most comprehensive screening test for colorectal cancer because it allows physicians to identify and remove precancerous polyps during the procedure.

Learn More About the Colonoscopy Procedure

Watch this video featuring Robert Hawes, MD, Medical Director from the Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy, Florida Hospital.

Screening Assistance

The Blue Hope Prevention Program, sponsored by the Boston Scientific Close the Gap Program, provides no-cost medical screening, such as a colonoscopy, for uninsured people who need to get screened. The Colon Cancer Alliance developed this nationwide program as a resource for people who cannot afford a colonoscopy.

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About Close the Gap

Close the Gap, a health equity program created by Boston Scientific, is dedicated to eliminating treatment disparities in communities across the nation at high risk of suffering from gastrointestinal and pulmonary diseases. Close the Gap programming has supported numerous initiatives to raise awareness about colorectal cancer prevention through routine screenings and improve access to care.

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"My advice to others who are fearful of having a colonoscopy is that it really is a simple and painless procedure."

Stage IV Colorectal Cancer Survivor, Marlborough, MA

Physician finder, image of several physicians
To find a doctor near you who performs colonoscopies, please visit the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy’s
Physician Finder Tool 

What's My Level of Risk?

Black men and women are 20% more likely to develop colorectal cancer than other ethnic groups.
Learn about your potential risk factors by taking this short questionnaire

Sponsored by the Boston Scientific Close the Gap Program.

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