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  • Overview on coronary physiology.
  • FFR calculates Pd/Pa during maximal hyperemia.
  • DFR™ calculates a diastolic portion of the cardiac cycle at rest.
  • Pd/Pa calculates the entire cardiac cycle at rest.


What is Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)?


A strong body of long-term clinical outcomes supports FFR to identify ischemia-producing lesions and shows improved outcomes over angio-guided procedures alone.

An FFR cutoff of ≤0.80 is most commonly used in clinical studies. To expect the outcomes of the major clinical studies (FAME, FAME II, etc.) 0.80 with maximum hyperemia should be used. The AUC Guidelines reflect the FAME cutoff of 0.80.
POLARIS Software - FFR Demo Video

POLARIS Software – FFR Demo

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Hard Endpoints Favor FFR-Guided Strategy vs Medical Therapy Alone: A Pooled, Patient-Level Analysis of FAME II, DANAMI-3-PRIMULTI, and COMPARE-ACUTE1

                Cardiac Death or Myocardial Infarction

FFR Guided 1-Year Outcomes


DEFER Trial2



FAME Trial3



FAME II Trial4



FFR-guided procedures improved health outcomes and reduced costs5

  • Savings of $2,385/patient over one year in patients with multi-vessel disease.5
  • FFR use demonstrated improved overall health outcomes at one year with less MACE, MI, and death.5



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