Value of CT


Pre-CT Adoption is Rising

Pre-CT use is expected to double among WATCHMAN Implanters.
A majority of these Implanters want to be involved in the CT analysis themselves.


Top 3 Advantages of Pre-CT According to WATCHMAN Implanters1

Better Patient Experience

Better Patient Experience

Better Understanding of Anatomy

Better Understanding of Anatomy

Increased Procedural Efficiancy

Increased Procedural Efficiancy



Pre-CT is Capable of Assessing the Baseline Imaging Requirements for WATCHMAN™


WATCHMAN LAAC Pre-Op Baseline Imaging Requirements

In Multiple ViewsCTTEE
Measure LAA Length with Width at the Ostium
Assess LAA Morphology
Confirm the Absence of Thrombus



Procedure Benefits of Pre-CT

Each LAA is unique, and CT reveals a complete picture of the anatomy to make your procedures more predictable.


Benefits of Pre-CT Shown by Henry Ford Hospital2

Procedural Success
with 3D-CT vs 92% with 2D-TEE
Lower Procedure Time
with 3D-CT vs 2D-TEE
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Pre-procedural cardiac CT may improve the accuracy, efficacy and safety of LAAO3.



Pre-CT Advantages During COVID-19

Pre-CT offers additional advantages over Pre-TEE during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Advantages of Pre-CT Compared to Pre-TEE for LAAC

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Increased Patient Comfort

  • No sedation
  • No fasting
  • Non‑invasive with no post‑procedure recovery

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Reduced Exposure Risk

  • Non‑aerosol generating4
  • Less physician contact5

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Decreased Resource Utilization

  • Faster throughput5 with no post‑procedure recovery
  • N95/N99 not required4
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Cardiac CT may be preferred in the planning of structural heart procedures such as TAVR and LAAC4