What is WATCHMAN TruPlan Software?

A purpose-built CT imaging software to facilitate patient screening and procedure planning for LAAC.
WATCHMAN TruPlan Software offers a full feature set that allows you to visualize each unique anatomy and to create a customized procedure plan for your LAAC implants.


See How it Works

See how WATCHMAN TruPlan Works



Real World Results

The Valley Hospital Case Study

Decrease in Procedural Time1
Increase in capacity and procedures per day1
See how The Valley Health Hospital, a non-academic regional medical center located in Ridgewood, NJ, is supporting 100 LAAC procedures annually while using WATCHMAN TruPlan Software to help drive faster procedure times, increase daily procedures and more.



You're in Control with WATCHMAN TruPlan Software

✔  Dedicated LAAC Workflow
✔  Fluoro, TEE and ICE Simulated Views
✔  Transseptal Planning
✔  Thrombus Assessment Tool
✔  Automated 3D Segmentation
✔  Automated Sizing and Compressions
✔  Automated Reporting
✔  Unlimited User Licenses



Why Choose WATCHMAN TruPlan Software?


Gain the most value from CT using a tool that is easy to use, easy to access and offers unmatched LAAC insights.

easy to use icon

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive controls for quick and easy pre‑planning
  • Simplified LAA workflow
  • Fluoro Workflow Enhancements
  • Auto TEE/ICE views*
  • Interactive ICE probe*

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Easy to Access

  • Built for accessibility and collaboration
  • Drag and Drop Feature
  • MacOS Compatibility

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Unmatched LAAC Results

  • Clinical guidance for optimal outcomes
  • WATCHMAN FLX™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device and WATCHMAN FXD Curve™ Access System overlays
  • CT Fluoro/Echo Fusion
  • Pixel Threshold
  • MIP Imaging



In collaboration with Physicians like you, Boston Scientific and Circle CVI have partnered to develop WATCHMAN TruPlan Software as the market leading CT solution for LAAC. Place your trust in a tool that was developed by experts for experts like you.



Field Support

With WATCHMAN TruPlan Software, Boston Scientific’s industry leading WATCHMAN clinical and sales representatives will be by your side to support your software in addition to supporting your procedures.

Field Support



Benefits of CT

An ever-growing number of LAAC implanting centers are choosing pre-CT over pre-TEE given an improved patient experience, improved visualization of anatomy, and improved procedural efficiency.