Key Features and Specifications

Key Features and Specifications

Explore product specifications for the EMBLEM™ MRI S-ICD and find out how S-ICD technology has evolved over time

The Evolution of S-ICD Technology

A history of S-ICD



Next-Generation Technology: Key Features and Benefits

The EMBLEM MRI S-ICD is the second device in the EMBLEM S-ICD family and builds on previous enhancements in size, longevity and remote patient management. Like transvenous ICDs (TV-ICDs), the EMBLEM MRI S-ICD System uses a pulse generator capable of delivering life-saving therapy. Unlike TV-ICDs, the EMBLEM MRI S-ICD System leaves the heart and vasculature untouched, avoiding the risks and complications associated with transvenous leads.


The SMART Pass filter is designed to reduce cardiac over-sensing and data has demonstrated that the inappropriate shock rate for S-ICD is now lower than TV-ICDs.1

Decreasing S-ICD Inappropriate Shock Rates

The one-year IAS rates measured across S-ICD studies have decreased substantially over time due to the implementation of conditional zone programming and technology improvements to minimize T-wave oversensing, including the SMART Pass filter. The 2020 UNTOUCHED study demonstrated IAS rates for S-ICD to be half the rates for TV-ICDs as demonstrated in major studies, such as ADVANCE III and MADIT-RIT. 1

SMART Pass Reduces Inappropriate Shocks

Real-world LATITUDE™ data projects average implanted EMBLEM S-ICD longevity of 8.7 years.8

Designed to assist in the detection of silent, new onset or the progression of atrial fibrillation.9 AF Monitor will notify a clinician when at least six minutes of atrial fibrillation have been detected within a day.

EMBLEM MRI provides full-body, MRI-conditional scan capabilities for a 1.5T environment.

Remote patient management has been shown to decrease mortality, hospitalisations and in-clinic evaluations.10  The EMBLEM MRI S-ICD System leverages LATITUDE NXT remote monitoring technology to help improve patient outcomes and enhance clinic efficiencies.


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why sicd

Why S-ICD?

See how S-ICD helps protect patients at risk for sudden cardiac death while also eliminating the risk of TV-ICD lead complications.

Clinical Data

Clinical Data

Explore clinical outcomes and learn about the first prospective, randomized, non-inferiority clinical trial comparing S-ICD to TV-ICD


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