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The S-ICD Implant Best Practices are now available on the EDUCARE platform. Solely based on real implant experience and clinical data: find out everything you need to know about the S-ICD implant procedure. The document also includes focus videos by Dr. Reinoud Knops and Prof. Juergen Kuschyk.


Past and Current Perceptions of the clinical need for ATP. Dr. Roser discusses Selecting the right therapy for the right patient. Are we treating patients according to their indications today?


A growing Patients Role in today’s Healthcare: Prof. John Morgan and S-ICD patient Lindsay Davis discuss the psychological and clinical impact of an ICD implant and important pre-implant considerations.


The Italian subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator survey: “S-ICD, why not?” showed that 89% of all ICD-indicated patients were eligible to receive an S-ICD.1


Dr. Theuns was chairing the S-ICD symposium at Cardiostim: Advanced and Less Invasive Approaches for Sudden Death Prevention in the Era of Personalized Medicine.


Dr. Steffel, Dr. Botto, Prof. Morgan, Prof. Probst, Prof. Zamorano and Prof. Hatala share their view on the importance of implementing the new ESC Guidelines, with the inclusion of Subcutaneous ICD’s.  


3-Yrs of follow-up in ~1000 patients demonstrates S-ICD safety & efficacy is comparable to TV-ICDs while avoiding the serious complications associated with having a lead in the heart.