Clinical Overview

S-ICD Clinical Data

 With it‘s extrathoracic lead placement, S-ICD is designed to avoid the serious complications associated with invasive leads. Several landmark trials have compared the performance of S-ICD versus TV-ICD, demonstrating:

  • S-ICD is safe and effective at converting spontaneous arrhythmias, both in the short-term and long-term 1,2
  • S-ICD is superior vs TV-ICD in regard to avoidance of serious lead-related complications 2,3


The efficacy of S-ICD is supported by extensive clinical evidence1–3,5–9

Clinical Evolution of S-ICD

With a well-understood safety, efficacy, and performance profile, S-ICD stands out as the best choice for protecting a majority of your patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

> 100,000 patients implanted with an S-ICD4

> 4,000 patients studied in clinical trials 1–2,5–9

> Almost 2 decades of clinical experience 1–2,5–9

S-ICD History Timeline



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