Case Studies

Technique Spotlight: EXALT™ Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope

Aditya Gutta, Stuart Sherman
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN
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Basket Extraction for Challenging Intrahepatic Ductal Stones

Gregory Haber, MD
Chief of Endoscopy
Director of Advanced Therapeutics and Innovation
Division of Gastroenterology

Bassem Matta, MD
Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellow

Gurneet Bedi, MD
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Fellow
Division of Endoscopy
NYU Langone Hospital
New York, NY
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Use of Cholangioscopy for Successful Rescue of a Deeply Migrated Pancreatic Duct Stent

Brian Boulay, MD, MPH
Chief of Endoscopy
University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences Center
Chicago, IL
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Direct Endoscopic Visualization via Cholangioscopy Before and After Radiofrequency Ablation

Bret Spier, M.D.
IU Health
Bloomington, IN
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An Innovative Approach to Liver Biopsies

Avik Sarkar, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director, Bariatric Endoscopy Program
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ

Vinod K Rustgi, M.D., MBA
Professor of Medicine
Clinical Director of Hepatology
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ
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Diagnosing and Treating a Patient with Mirizzi’s Syndrome using Cholangioscopy with EHL and SpyGlass™ Retrieval Basket

Navin Kumar, M.D.
Digestive Disease Center
Highland, IN
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Treating Pancreatic Necrosis using the 20mm AXIOS™ Stent & Electrocautery Enhanced Delivery System

Douglas G. Adler, M.D.
University of Utah School of Medicine
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Repeat Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment Combined with Stone Lithotripsy to Maintain Biliary Drainage

Rajeev Nayar, M.D.
Advanced Gastroenterologist
AMITA Health
Chicago, IL
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Fragmenting and Removing a Complex Biliary Stone under Direct Visualization

Isaac Raijman, M.D.
CHI St. Luke’s Health-Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center
Houston, Texas
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