ICM System

LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System
LUX-Dx™ ICM Device

Signals that are astonishingly clear from the moment of insertion
Incorporating clear S-ECG signal quality from the moment of insertion, the LUX-Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) makes event reviews more efficient and confident. Signal quality is so clear that P-waves are visible in 90% of heart cycles and consistent over time1.

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The LUX-Dx ICM System features a dual-stage algorithm that automatically detects and then verifies data before sending results, provides actionable insights and gets you to an accurate diagnosis faster. The system—which monitors AF, AT, pause, tachy and brady events—is comprised of four main components:
ICM Device

1. ICM Device

The insertable cardiac monitor is a small, leadless electronic device inserted just under the skin in the left pectoral region. It uses two electrodes to monitor the patient’s subcutaneous ECG (S-ECG) data when specific arrhythmias are detected. Arrhythmia detection parameters are based on the Reason for Monitoring entered during device setup or can be programmed manually by the clinician. The device is MR-conditional.

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LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System

2. LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System

Built exclusively for the LUX-Dx ICM, the LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System helps clinics streamline their workflow, review data efficiently, accelerate critical decision making and adjust device settings remotely without bringing patients in for another appointment.

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LUX-Dx Clinic Assistant App

3. LUX-Dx™ Clinic Assistant App

Designed to enhance workflow and maximize efficiencies, the LUX-Dx Clinic Assistant app lets you:

  • Connect to any LUX-Dx ICM device within 6 feet (2 meters)
  • View ICM device status and real-time S-ECG
  • Interrogate LUX-Dx ICM devices
  • Apply programming changes

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myLUX Patient App

4. myLUX™ Patient App

This user-friendly mobile app helps empower patients and improve confidence.

  • Transmits device data
  • Displays messages from clinic
  • Shows monitoring status
  • Connects to educational resources
  • Lets patients record symptoms based on clinic configuration

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LUX-Dx™ ICM combines astoundingly clear S-ECG signal quality, a dual-stage algorithm to reject false positives, remote programming and efficient data management.

LUX-Dx ICM Product Specifications

Volume1.2 cm3
Mass3 g
Dimensions W X H X D7.2 mm x 44.8 mm x 4.0 mm
Surface Area of Can Electrode75.3 mm2
Surface Area of Header Electrode10.2 mm2
Battery Longevity3 years*

*3 years projected longevity, under the following usage scenarios:

  • Average of 1 auto-detected event per day
  • Average of 1 patient-initiated event per month
  • Less than or equal to 6 months shelf life between device manufacture and insertion


  • At the maximum shelf storage time of 18 months, longevity is reduced by approximately 4 months
  • Projected longevity is 2 years when the Bluetooth Manual Connection is configured to not require a magnet

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Implant Procedure

Implant Procedure

See how the LUX-Dx ICM was designed to offer a familiar insertion process to help you confidently implant the device.

Icon of Heart Rhythm Representing the LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System

Data Management

Accelerate critical decision making and enhance workflow with the new LATITUDE™ Clarity Data Management System for ICM patients.

Icon of a Smart Phone Showing a Mobile App

Mobile Apps

Help empower patients, improve compliance and increase efficiencies with the LUX-Dx™ Clinic Assistant app and myLUX™ Patient app.