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Welcome to RhythmCARE™

We are dedicated to supporting and improving quality of care and efficiencies in your daily clinical practice by uniting talent and technology through remote services and solutions.

Managing patients remotely has become an essential part of the healthcare service. It is vital that the technologies you use are efficient, reliable, and user-friendly to ensure you can confidently maintain a high standard of patient-focused care.

That is why we have created RhythmCARE™ – a place where real people with proven expertise stand ready to provide the solutions, insights and answers that you need in the moment.


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Device and therapy experts available on call around the clock.

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Experienced professionals organised into a single synchronised resource of collective knowledge.

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Experts with real-life technical and clinical experience, empowered to provide the best available solutions for your needs.




Patient Support


Keeping remote technology working.

Personalised, real-time education and support can empower and encourage your patients to take more control over their healthcare and devices.

Our Patient Support service makes it effortless for your patients to stay engaged with their remote monitoring.

Our LATITUDE™ customer support team ensures that remote follow-up and continuous monitoring are never compromised.

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1. Our best technical experts are always available to help your patients get and stay connected.
2. Your patients are supported to solve any functionality or connectivity issues with their implantable devices.
3. Helping you stay better connected with your patients.

What does this mean for you?

More efficient monitoring of your patients’ device data between scheduled appointments
Better patient care
Patient Support



Healthcare Professionals Support

Empowered at crucial moments. One click away.

Our Healthcare Professional Support service comprises a team of highly skilled experts equipped with the most advanced remote healthcare technologies ready to support you at crucial moments.

HCP Support

We collaborate seamlessly with you to minimise disruptions to patient care so you can focus on what really matters.

Whenever you need it, our best-in-class support team is available to solve any issues
Whenever you need it, our best-in-class support team is available to solve any issues

What does this mean for you?

Efficient time management and case planning, reducing the risk of procedure delay
Optimised resource usage ensuring your patients receive the best treatment

Want to learn more about our Remote Technologies?


Cardiac Workflow

Managing patients remotely more efficiently.

We help you to proactively identify patients with heart failure so you can intervene earlier. We provide Cardiac Workflow Management solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Cardiac Workflow expertise and know-how provides:

  • A customised education programme to enable you to become proficient in managing your patients remotely.
  • Direct support for clinic set up and organisation as well as patient enrolment and monitoring.
  • Shared best practices for defining workflows and managing alerts.
  • A platform created to prioritise and optimise case management on LATITUDE™ NXT and HeartLogic™.

Facilitate a rapid workflow redesign across multiple care teams

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Use process optimisation to amplify the benefits of LATITUDE™ NXT and HeartLogic™

What does this mean for you?

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More efficient managementof your service.

Resources optimised.

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Best quality of care foryour patients.

Patients' alerts handled in a timely manner.


Want to know more about our HEARTLOGIC™ Heart Failure Diagnostic?



Achieving self-mastery on heart technologies.

Our peer-to-peer clinical education and training platform is designed to optimise quality of care leading to improved outcomes for your patients.

The EDUCARE suite offers instant access to a comprehensive curriculum of best-in-class active education and training courses. A suite of specialised training activities both in-person and remote – that promotes sharing experiences and transferring skills between you and your peers.

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Institute for Advancing Science:

Extensive range of virtual reality simulators.

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EDUCARE collaborates with key opinion leaders and medical institutions, offering face-to-face training, seminars and hands-on training sessions.

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Digital platform:

A one-stop shop –a personalised support suited to your educational needs.


What does this mean for you?

Accelerated heart technology mastery
Continuous personal and professional development

Interested to know more about EDUCARE can help you?


Insight Management

The power to use combined knowledge.

Advanced tools such as artificial intelligence transform raw data into relevant clinical information. We specialise in turning information into insight. Insight that matters to you and your patient.

Insights Management

More to come... Stay tuned...



Remote Technologies

At Boston Scientific, we are committed to sharing clinical expertise 'on demand' thanks to the use of advanced remote technologies:


Telemetry Technologies

Telemetry technologies such as the Heart Connect™ System are designed for a simple easy to use while offering the support you need to collaborate more efficiently with our Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) devices.

Getting ongoing guidance from technical experts during programmer use:

  • Immediate assistance in training of clinical staff
  • Available for troubleshooting, screening follow-up device checks and satellite clinic locations

A real-time, flexible and convenient technology that empowers your team to be more efficientand effective in the care they provide their patients.


Augmented Reality

Ask Angie™ is Boston Scientific’s innovation for today’s cath lab. This merged reality technology connects you to virtual expert support. In addition to live support, Ask Angie™ provides clinical applications, setup, and troubleshooting for many of our devices and procedures.

Smart Glasses are equipped with a camera to give the remote expert an unrestricted, close-up view of the intervention and enable real-time exchange, learning and collaboration.


Remote Management Infrastructure

A solution to connect your lab virtually for support, or to access training through a proctorship or preceptorship.



Contact us via email RhythmCARE_EMEA@bsci.com or via phone:


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