Angled view of FARAPULSE catheter in flower pose with radial background

Pioneering tissue-selective ablation.

System Overview

Electrophysiology / Cardiac Mapping and Ablation Therapies / Farapulse™ Pulse Field Ablation System


A 360˚ view of the FARAPULSE™ Pulsed Field Ablation System.


Panoramic procedure view of ablation using FARAPULSE PFA System (video thumbnail)

Explore the full procedure and case highlights to discover how FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) is revolutionizing procedures as the safe, nonthermal alternative to traditional ablation modalities. Watch Prof. Reichlin’s explanation (~8 min.) and experience the procedure (~40 min.) via EDUCARE.

Collateral-tissue safety with proven PVI durability.

Across three multicentre studies, the FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation System’s optimised waveform has been shown to produce lasting positive outcomes in the treatment of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.
No instances of oesophogeal damage, phrenic nerve injury, or pulmonary vein stenosis.1
FARAPULSE PFA is durable.
96% pulmonary veins isolated at ~3 months.*1
FARAPULSE PFA is effective.
85 ± 5% Kaplan-Meier estimated freedom from any atrial arrhythmia at 1 year.*1

The revolutionary alternative to traditional ablation.


Optimised over a decade to transform in a moment.


Pulsed field vs. thermal ablation.2

While thermal energy sources create lesions that can spread indiscriminately to surrounding tissue (oesophagus, phrenic nerve, etc.), FARAPULSE PFA targets myocardium directly, reducing risk of collateral damage.
Antral-view animation of FARAPULSE catheter ablating atrial cardiac tissue

Designed from the ground up for more patient anatomies.

Variable Distal Shapes

The variable flower and basket shapes of the FARAWAVE™ Pulsed Field Ablation Catheter create durable lesions by adapting to a wide range of pulmonary vein anatomies.

Listen to Prof. Mattias Duytschaever discuss his experience with FARAPULSE PFA as an avid RF practionner. ​​

Prof. Julian Chun shares some insights on FARAPULSE PFA for PVI

The FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation System

While other systems use equipment retrofitted for pulsed field ablation, the entire FARAPULSE PFA System is purpose-built to maximise both user experience and patient outcomes.
The FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation System
A more personalised approach to ablation.

A more personalised approach to ablation.

Boston Scientific offers a full suite of leading ablation technologies and products to take a personalised approach to treating cardiac arrhythmias.

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