Meet Tom Zappia
Marlborough, Massachusetts

Tom Zappia, a senior engineer for the Urology and Pelvic Health division, works on our LithoVueTM single-use digital flexible ureteroscope line. When he’s not working his day job, Tom channels his passion, knowledge and ingenuity into creating activities and presenting information for STEM events. Whether it’s working in his woodshop to build games that can be used by over 4,000 kids, or rebuilding a computer three times to test a Bring Your Child to Work Day activity, Tom always goes above and beyond.
Creating and improving products that make an impact gives my work purpose.

What inspires you working at Boston Scientific?

I’ve been at Boston Scientific for seven years and it’s been great working with others to see projects through to completion. Each day is different, so what I work on is always changing. I am constantly challenged, which keeps work interesting.

How did you get started in your STEM career?

I’ve been helping with the STEM Council at Boston Scientific for several years. I first got involved by supporting LithoVue demos to middle school and high school students. At a demo in Fenway Park, we built a game where students had to capture tiny baseballs using the ureteroscope’s stone basket, and we used tiny gears for a robotics event.

Tell us about your work with the Boston Scientific STEM Council:

I’ve primarily been working with the Design Group to come up with engaging STEM activities for events throughout the year. For Bring Your Child to Work Day, we even created our own augmented reality sandbox!

Why do you think STEM is important?

I’m amazed at all the products and events available to students today. Instead of just learning the topics, students today can see how what they’re learning in school can be applied in real-life situations, in the areas that interest them the most.


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