Meet Mara LaRock
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Mara LaRock
Our Clinical Strategy Manager, Mara LaRock works with physicians, industry leaders, medical advisory boards and colleagues to create effective training programs for our GreenLight™ Laser Therapy system. Her dedication, heart and deep caring for human life have led to incredible results – results our patients see personally every day.
Be the reason someone smiles today.

What inspires you working at Boston Scientific?

For me that’s easy – I’m inspired knowing that what we do leads to meaningful quality of life improvements for patients.

Thinking about the training programs, what was the driving force behind what you did?

Making sure physicians have a proper platform for education is rewarding in itself! It’s all about making sure they have the knowledge and tools they need to deliver the best quality of care available. We continue to gather feedback to ensure that geographical needs are met and that the best and most up-to-date content is provided. It’s a fantastic way to believe that I’ve made a difference to patients because there is a direct link between physician education and the quality of life of their patients, so it’s very special to me.

In what way have you made the most meaningful difference to our patients?

The training platform ensures our physicians worldwide are trained consistently, so people from a wide range of backgrounds can expect the same level of care – wherever they are. GreenLight therapy is extremely effective at treating certain prostate disorders, which can impact not only the physical, but mental health of sufferers. It means a lot to me to know I’m helping so many people get back to their regular lives.


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