Meet Carlos Arce
Heredia, Costa Rica

Our Training Specialist Supervisor, Carlos Arce, is tasked with developing lean business processes to make our production lines more efficient. He brings innovation and collaboration to challenge ways of working and place our customers first.
Every day, with every action, we’re challenged to give our all knowing that at the end of the day we’re improving someone’s quality of life.

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve ever overcome and how has it shaped your career at Boston Scientific?

When I first started here in Heredia the business was rapidly growing. That meant training a large volume of product builders. It’s a highly skilled role with no room for error, where cutting corners on training just isn’t an option. We needed to lower costs and improve training efficiency without sacrificing the quality of our training, which meant challenging the way we usually train and finding smarter ways to work. Obstacles like this force you to innovate and come up with new ideas, which has shaped my approach to working ever since.

Who most helped you get where you are today?

It’s a combination between my parents and my colleagues. I started in Boston Scientific as an intern and I’ve learned that you make your own opportunities – I see the way you react to everyday challenges as the key to success. My boss once told me that attitude is the first thing people notice about you, so it’s important to get right!

In what way do you feel you impact our patients most?

I would say that every day, with every action, you are challenged to give your best knowing that at the end of the day you are improving someone’s quality of life.


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