Meet Jasmin Flowers
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Process Engineer, Jasmin Flowers recently joined Boston Scientific full-time after completing our internship program. She hasn’t been with us long, but she’s already making her mark on live projects, like helping make process improvements to streamline projects, and building up her personal and professional networks. Her dedication to collaborating across the business combined with her passion to make a difference allows her to work on solving healthcare problems that matter most.
Besides impacting lives every day, the culture here is what makes all challenges seem conquerable.

What made you want to work here after your internship was over?  

Getting to know so many people with different backgrounds, jobs, and lifestyles helped me understand what working here is all about. The leadership team here really takes the time to select the best people for a job, no matter their shape, size, color, accent… whatever! The culture here values intellect, hard work and the desire to improve lives. I think that encourages people here to stay curious, so I felt encouraged to ask questions and the person on the receiving end always took the time to answer them. By the end of my internship, I was sure this was the company I was meant to work for.

What inspires you working at Boston Scientific?

Besides the fact that I get to improve lives every day just by going to work, the culture here is what makes all of the challenges seem conquerable. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a dream world because everyone here is so positive and ready to help when needed. I consider my team the ultimate dream team, and everyone else really believes it too! That mindset, along with a goal-driven work ethic and great work-life balance, is what makes this company such a powerhouse.  

What would you tell someone considering an internship at Boston Scientific?  

You can’t go wrong working here – one of the top priorities here is development. The business grows as you do, so it’s a win-win! A summer here will open your eyes to how much you can achieve with the skills you come in with and show you how to develop them even further.


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