Meet Alejandro Herrera Velásquez
Medellin , Colombia

Alejandro Herrera Velásquez
Field Clinical Specialist, Alejandro, was the first in Latin America to be trained in using our WATCHMAN™ left atrial appendage closure device system, and went on to be the first on our LOTUS Edge™ valve system too.* Over his time at Boston Scientific, his role has changed a lot, but he’s still improving lives through his work every day and achieving incredible things with the support of his team.
When I decided to become a biomedical engineer, I knew it was because I wanted to change  patients’ lives for the better. At Boston Scientific, I can do this every day with the support of my great team.

What inspires you working at Boston Scientific?

When I started at Boston Scientific, I was inspired by the amount of money the company was investing every year in R&D. It was impressive to see that resources were being assigned where they mattered most - and working with the very best devices can be motivating in itself. Since then, I’ve become more inspired by the fact that our patients really do come first. We coach our teams technically, professionally and emotionally, but the most important thing we teach is that, regardless of sales quotas or which devices we’re using, improving patients’ lives should always be our priority. That is something I see across divisions, and I believe our customers and patients can see it too.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned while training and mentoring your colleagues?

Training colleagues is probably the part of my job that teaches me the most. There are always new perspectives to consider and new questions to answer. It’s an environment that challenges you to think of your subject from all angles, which prepares you to share information with all kinds of people, regardless of the level of expertise.

What advice would you give to anyone about to start an ambitious new project?

Your most powerful assets are the people around you. They can guide you through the process, and share their previous experiences, adding value before you even start. Also, be ready to speak up with your big ideas. You never know where they could end up here!

What’s it like working as part of a global team?

It’s fantastic. Spreading information around the globe, learning new ways of thinking and sharing your own experiences enriches our job. Many of our greatest success stories are ones that were previously shared, learned and adapted to our region.


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